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5 reasons President Obama knows Ralph’s the best guy for the job


“Ralph’s whole life has been about honest, responsible service to others.” —President Barack Obama

Ralph’s spent his life serving Virginians

He’s served as a resident helping to rebuild lives at Walter Reed. In Germany, he treated soldiers wounded in Desert Storm. After he and and his wife Pam settled down, he took care of kids as a pediatric neurologist and taught medical ethics. And he’s spent nearly 20 years taking care of sick kids and their families as the volunteer medical director at Edmarc, a children’s hospice.

Ralph will be a champion for voting rights

Ralph believes every Virginian should have the same rights and opportunities, no matter who you are, no matter where you’re from. Politicians who gerrymander our communities in their favor — like Ed Gillespie’s done in the past — put their own interests ahead of their constituents, and that’s just not right. As governor, Ralph will expand voting rights, increase government transparency, and fight for nonpartisan redistricting reform. He knows we can’t have politicians choosing their voters — we need voters choosing our politicians.

Ralph wants to unify Virginians — not divide them

We’re at our best when we seek the decency and goodwill in others. But oftentimes, that kind of politics doesn’t always carry the day. With grim attack ads and divisive rhetoric, Ed Gillespie’s campaign panders to the extremes, and those are short-term tactics that seek to create fear in voters. Ralph knows America is full of goodness and we can achieve more together than we can apart — whether it’s improving education or fighting climate change. He wants to make progress together in a spirit of optimism, not stoke fear and divide Virginians like his opponent.

He’ll be a champion for gun safety

Ralph knows we can protect our constitutional rights and keep our children safe at the same time. As an Army doctor, he’s seen the damage weapons can do first hand, and he’s treated those wounded by gun violence. That’s why Ralph believes in commonsense gun laws, like blocking the carrying of concealed weapons without a permit, banning assault weapons, and increasing background checks and access to mental health services. Ralph knows a safer commonwealth is a better commonwealth — and he’ll protect Virginians by advocating for gun safety.

He has the character and integrity to lead Virginia

During Ralph’s time as a Keydet at the Virginia Military Institute, he was elected president of the honor court. Even as a young man, people recognized that Ralph is a man of character — a man with principles and integrity. His peers trusted him to hold himself to the highest standards. They trusted him to do the right thing, even when nobody was looking. That’s what we want in our leaders, and that’s how Ralph will serve Virginia as governor.


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