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Scathing Comments on NBC 29’s Disgraceful, Godawful “Interview” with Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer


See below for comments – by Waldo Jaquith, Linda Perriello, Coy Barefoot (of the  Center for Media and Citizenship at the University of Virginia) and others – on NBC 29’s disgraceful “interview” with neo-Nazi Richard Spencer that aired last night. Why did NBC 29 do this? InsideNOVA reporter Alex Koma’s comment is on point, I think: “It’s a cliched answer, but having spent time in that newsroom, it’s simple: ratings, ratings, ratings. A leg up over Newsplex/the DP.” That’s what the corporate media is all about — clicks/eyeballs/$$$$/zero ethics or good judgement. And we wonder how Donald Trump got elected “president?” The corporate media is a big part of it.

Coy Barefoot
“nbc29. shame. tawdry. anti-Charlottesville.”

“On the very day our schools went on lockdown to protect OUR CHILDREN from death threats by these Nazis, the town’s big tv station broadcasts a flattering, un-critical “interview” with their leader- with absolutely no mention of the murder of Heather Heyer?! Are you f-ing kidding me?! Tells you everything you need to know about the leadership at 29 and in their newsroom. it’s way beyond disgusting. It’s self-serving bs. And as a dad whose child was in a locked down school today, IT PISSES ME OFF.”

Linda Perriello
“I’ve just watched NBC29 especially local news for decades. I just signed off permanently. Really Henry Graff? You thought this guy needed a platform on your TV station? Today all of my grandchildren were locked down in their schools and escorted to cars by armed law enforcement in large part because of the this guy’s lethal ideas to which you gave 4 minutes of airtime unchallenged. Compromised. Newsplex will now be my local source for news.”


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