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Sunday News: #SNL “Down in the Sewer” with Killer Clown Kellyanne Conway; Superb, Horrendous VPs Campaign in Virginia


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, October 15.

  • Video: Donald Trump Trucker Rally, SNL Cold Open


  • Video: Rex Tillerson responds to Corker’s ‘castration’ remark

  • Dan Rather:

    Is it too strong to say that Americans have never before seen a President wallow so happily in chaos and intentionally inflict cruelty on his fellow citizens?
    By any objective analysis, many will say, “No, there has never been anything like this.” This includes some who voted for Mr. Trump; some, but by no means all.

    The question arises anew after the President’s rhetoric and actions this past week on health care. After being foiled by the mechanisms of democracy in the Congress, Mr. Trump’s words and actions seem destined to result in pain for millions of people. His rationale for this is, basically, he is determined to have his way, Congress and public opinion be damned.

    His decision to throw the Iran nuclear agreement into uncertainty was based on questionable reasoning, to say the least. It has left our allies unsure of the stability of America’s world role and has made our planet a less safe place. Meanwhile, millions of Americans in Puerto Rico suffer, and he bullies and threatens them with reducing aid.
    I have seen former presidents sometimes resort to the rhetoric of fear and intimidation. i have seen them dissemble and distort, twist arms and turn their backs on former friends. Politics is a hard-nosed game, and those who rise to the pinnacle of power often must make many unsavory compromises. They are also human beings, susceptible to the baser instincts that plague all of us.

    But there is growing evidence that this is something entirely different, something new in our history. There seems to be little governing philosophy other than to aggrandize himself and erase the entire legacy of his predecessor. Meanwhile, the reports coming out of the White House about the dysfunction of an executive branch responding to the petulant and unsteady whims of the President should be cause for alarm for any American who wishes for cohesion and competence in our government.

    This is a test for our democracy, as many others have said. But for all the problems, I still believe strongly that it is one we will pass. In my recent travels I have met so many inspiring men and women, my fellow citizens, who seem determined to do their parts in protecting the best ideals of our nation. I see a press unbowed and a judiciary unintimidated. I imagine that those leading the Russia investigation are unflappable.
    It takes work to cope with chaos. It takes heart to shield others from cruelty. I believe Americans are up to both of these challenges.

    As we try to do so, it is worth reminding ourselves again that no President is stronger than the nation as a whole