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Does Silence on Roy Moore Imply Consent?


We simply don’t have a pause from one Team Trump corruption situation to another Team Trump corruption situation, to @EPAScottPruitt violating the law in a new way, to key GOP donors’ (Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, etc.) massive tax sheltering emerging, to serial sexual harassment/assault by a prominent/powerful man, to…it goes on and on. It is hard to live with perpetual outrage (which is merited) and hard to believe that there are things emerging that actual lead to renewed or increased shock.

The latest is the weighty new (four victims, thirty witnesses — so far) allegations against Alabama Republican U.S. Senate nominee Roy Moore.

Seriously, how can anyone – father, sister, son, aunt – not be disgusted with this and look themselves in the mirror. The fact is, any human should find Moore’s behavior reprehensible. Which makes the embrace of Moore from the likes of Steve Bannon and far too many in the Alabama GOP that much more disgusting.

Let’s be honest and fair, however; a number of significant Republican politicians have stepped forward with strong statements condemning Moore. Senator John McCain, for instance, stepped forward early and strongly.

Mitt Romney could not be clearer:

And here’s OH Governor John Kasich:

As for Virginia’s Republican elites, so far it’s mostly been crickets.

For example, looking at the twitter thread of John Whitbeck, the VA GOP chair, is sort of like living in Faux News world — inconvenient truth simply doesn’t show up and no comment about whether Roy Moore is welcome in Whitbeck’s GOP.

Another prominent Virginia Republican, VA-10’s Representative Barbara Comstock, is also silent. Whether on twitter, her Facebook pages, her Congressional website, Google searching for media comments, you name it – it’s crickets all around.


Since the posting of this piece,
Representative Comstock came out with a statement as per this tweet:






With all her appearances at Republican rallies,  photo opportunities, etc., it’s crickets from Rep. Comstock on the Roy Moore situation.

To be clear, just as Comstock not endorsing Trump in the 2016 primary suggests where her actual emotions might be, I truly doubt that Barbara Comstock loves Roy Moore, is thrilled with Roy Moore, is comfortable with his pedophilia. However:

  • at what point does silence imply consent?
  • when does inaction equate to support?
  • when does failure to speak out equate to concurrence …?


  • Another unhealthily sex-obsessed right-wing nutjob, this time 2013 VA GOP Lt. Governor nominee EW Jackson, leaps to Roy Moore’s defense.


  • A_Siegel

    Several hours after this was posted, Representative Comstock tweeted the following;


  • EW Jackson comes completely unhinged, I mean even more unhinged than he usually is, over Roy Moore. What’s THIS all about?


  • old_redneck

    …The fact is that Roy Moore is very much who the Republicans are. He
    is representative of a fanatical splinter of American Protestantism that
    has accounted for a great deal of the success enjoyed by modern
    conservatism and the Republican Party for over four decades, and there
    always has been dark sin at the heart of that success.

    The rise of what used to be known as “the religious right” did not
    begin with the legalization of abortion. That’s a nice story that the
    various Bible-banging charlatans would like you to believe. No, the
    institutions that would nurture and produce the religious right were the
    white-only Christian academies and universities that sprang up in the
    South as part of the massive resistance to desegregation—the churchgoing
    end of that strategy. The religious right was not born out of
    opposition to Roe v. Wade. It was born out of opposition to Brown v.

    There was always something wretched in its founding that invariably
    asserted itself in our politics. Dishonesty and camouflage were its
    primary sacraments. As part of their bargain with these people,
    Republicans and conservatives agreed tacitly to overlook these things,
    and so they became accustomed to overlooking everything until, today,
    alleged pedophilia of the most grotesque sort is the latest thing to be
    overlooked in the cause of tax-cuts and the restriction of women’s
    reproductive rights.

    Without fastening itself to the enthusiastic remnants of American
    apartheid, modern conservatism and the modern Republican party never
    would have become the juggernaut they became, and the religious right
    was one of the more enthusiastic of those remnants. Small wonder, then,
    that so many Good Christian Men are either lining up behind Roy Moore,
    or if-then’ing themselves into incoherence trying not to talk about him.
    He has all the right positions on all the right issues that discomfort
    all the right people, and, given that, these people would vote for Satan