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“Donald Trump would rather be 7,000 miles away in Asia than campaign with Ed Gillespie.”


From the DPVA:

STATEMENT: Donald Trump Will Not Campaign with Ed Gillespie

Ed Gillespie Has a Base Problem — and Donald Trump Isn’t Going to Help Him Solve It

DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement today on the definitive fact that Donald Trump will not campaign with Ed Gillespie:

“Donald Trump would rather be 7,000 miles away in Asia than campaign with Ed Gillespie. And that’s bad news for Ed. He sold his soul to Trump and Steve Bannon and at the last minute they decided he can’t win.

“Ed is caught in a swamp of his own making.  He offended moderates and independent minded voters with his Trumpian campaign, yet the very Trump voters he hoped to win over with a final appearance by President Trump are showing the same passion for Ed that the President has: none.

“The numbers speak for themselves. Just last night, Gillespie was in ruby red Augusta County and could only draw a puny crowd of 60 people. A few days before, Ralph Northam was in Waynesboro and had 250 people at his event. Ed Gillespie’s GOTV schedule is even more revealing: he’s campaigning with Never Trumpers and Donald Trump opponents like Carly Fiorina — and avoiding the parts of Virginia that were most enthusiastic about the President. Does anyone really think Carly Fiorina who couldn’t seal the deal for herself is going to be able to seal the deal for Ed Gillespie?

“Four days before Election Day, Ed Gillespie — the king of the DC swamp — is struggling in Trump country. And Donald Trump isn’t going to show up and bail him out.”


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