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Photos of Democrats’ Rally in the (Cold) Rain in Fairfax: “Rain would not stop us”


From Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) Chair Sue Langley, check out the following photos and her thoughts from the Democrats’ rally in the (cold) rain last night outside FCDC headquarters…

Sue Langley’s thoughts:

When I stood there welcoming officials, honorable guests, and super Dems on the stage in the rain tonight, it was my first doing that in the rain. It was a deep emotional feeling seeing hundreds people in a pouring rain under their umbrellas. Rain would not stop us. At the end of the event, two and a half hours later, they were still there, waiting to hear Ralph Northam talking about why we must win on Tuesday for Virginia. Thank you Justin Fairfax for the inspirations. Thank you Mark Herring who was held up at an event but made it at the end.

Many friends have sent pictures, and here they are. With my great appreciation and thanks for coming to this event. Fairfax Dems have shown that we want to win this election so bad. We will not step back for rain or for any distraction. We are the party of change, hope, and determination. Thank you the Governor, Senator Tim Kaine, Congressman Gerry Connolly, Chairman Bulova, DPVA Chair Susan Swecker, State Senators Dick Saslaw and Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn, Del Alfonso Lopez, Del Mark Sickle, Del. Kay Kory, Del. Jennifer Boysko, and many more, and more.

Vote for all Democratic ticket on Nov.7.

With all my love, my gratitude to all the Dems tonight, particularly our members and campaign staff, you made me so proud to be able to share this with you.

Till Tuesday, our victory night!


From Fairfax County Democratic Committee Vice Chair Chris Ambrose:

And a couple more photos from last night’s rally in the rain


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