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R-t F–king Virginians: GOP dirty tricks team at work against environmentalists ….?



is an

American slang term

for political sabotage or dirty tricks.

R-tF—king to suppress the vote … a long, true GOP campaign tactic.

From flyers telling people (frequently minority communities) that to reduce poll overcrowding Republicans will vote Tuesday and Democrats Wednesday; to having intimidating goons standing outside polling areas; to uneven voter ID enforcement (on top of all of the abusive (not really) legal tools (making it hard to register, voter ID restrictions, to having more voting booths in R counties than D counties to …)), suppressing the vote is a mainstay of GOP election efforts.

Lots of r-tf—king is underway in Virginia (like Russia troll farm operations) with this clear example Monday evening:

The robocall voice said “Ralph Northam supports natural gas pipelines, aligning himself with Donald Trump’s pro-drilling agenda”

— Taber Andrew Bain (@taber) November 7, 2017

Like the best r-tf—king (propaganda) efforts, there is sadly truth here: Northam is on the wrong side of economics, the environment, and history when it comes to the natural gas pipelines.  However, HOWEVER … there a more fundamental truth: despite that, Northam is the FAR better choice on environmental issues (along with every single other issue) than fossil-foolish Gillespie (whose recent clients, by the way, include some of the worst climate-science denier organizations). Thus, the fundamental truth:

Concerned About Energy/Environment/Climate?
The Choice is Clear:
Northam for Governor

Now, as to that (to the casual ear) nice sounding “Americans United for Values”, this is an outfit set up in early 2016 to do attacks on Cruz during the Republican primary. And, looking at its Facebook page, very clearly Trump-istas.  So, I guess that the calls really are targeted at convincing Republicans to support Northam … not. And, well, as to ‘values’, truly high moral and ethical values to spend money in deceptive ways to suppress the vote …

In any event, as to suppressing my vote, I


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