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Thursday News: “Everybody Hates” GOP Tax Plan; Facebook Can’t Answer Mark Warner’s “Simple Question”; ” The Trumpification of Ed Gillespie”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, November 2.

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    COP23: Why Trump can’t kill the climate deal | Business | DW | 02.11.2017 – DW

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    Re Mike Stark’s violent arrest, this is another example of the flip side of the gun rights movement. The police say that had to throw him to the ground because he made a hand movement to his pocket and they didn’t know if he had a weapon. (He was trying to put away his phone.) Generally speaking, the police have grounds to fear concealed weapons, thanks to the NRA’s decades long and successful movement to gut our gun control laws. In Mike Stark’s case, I suspect that they knew he was trying to get a story. Under slightly different circumstances, they might have shot him.

  • Holtzman Propane urges (captive) customers to vote for their sister Jill Vogel


    Here’s a Facebook post from someone who received this letter:

    “My household, along with other clients of Holtzman Propane, received this letter yesterday. Not only did the Holtzman family think it was appropriate to use private customer data to create a mailing list for Jill Vogel’s campaign, but it contains some misinformation that could genuinely sway voters who have not been following this election closely.

    Because my landlord has an exclusivity contract with Holtzman Propane as the exclusive supplier for their properties, I can not take my business elsewhere. But I wanted to let others in the area know that the Holtzman family also owns many Exxon gas stations throughout Virginia. If they think it’s appropriate to use business funds to produce campaign materials, then the voting public should be able to make their opinions about this practice known via their wallets.”

    ~ Following President Trump’s decision to undermine the contraception coverage rule, AG Herring takes action to protect Virginia women’s access to affordable contraception ~

    RICHMOND (November 2, 2017) – In an effort to protect women’s access to contraception coverage, Attorney General Mark R. Herring announced today that he filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for its decision to undermine the contraception coverage rule created under the Affordable Care Act. The contraception coverage rule allowed 1.6 million women in Virginia to access contraception without a co-pay, saving an average of $255 per year.

    “Women should have the freedom to make their own healthcare decisions, especially when it comes to something as personal as reproductive health. Virginia women deserve access to contraception coverage, and no woman should see her reproductive health decisions put in the hands of her employer,” said Attorney General Mark Herring. “I’m taking action because President Trump’s move to rollback contraception coverage is dangerous, discriminatory, and illegal. I am committed to protecting affordable contraception coverage, and I hope all Virginia women know I am a strong ally in this fight.”

    Attorney General Herring and his fellow state attorneys general filed suit in the Northern District of California challenging President Trump’s decision to roll back the contraception coverage mandate. The suit claims, in part:

    “Ensuring women access to preventive health care, including contraception, is a key element in safeguarding women’s overall health and well-being, and is therefore a critical component of the States’ public health interests…Millions of women across the nation may be left without access to contraceptives and contraceptive counseling, leaving the States to shoulder the additional fiscal and administrative burdens as women seek access for this coverage through state-funded programs, and the public health consequences if women are unable to gain that access.”

    For millions of women the contraception coverage rule has reduced their healthcare costs, helped address medical conditions, and allowed them to make their own decisions about when and if to have children. Before the contraception coverage rule, birth control accounted for 30-44% of a woman’s out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Now, 62 million women across the country, including 1.6 million women in Virginia, have access to contraception without a co-pay, saving an average of $255 per year for oral pill contraceptives, and the percentage of women who have a co-pay for contraception has fallen from more than 20% to less than 4%.

    Joining Attorney General Herring in the suit are attorneys general from California, Delaware, Maryland and New York. Additional suits are pending in courts around the country.

  • Video: Libertarian Cliff Hyra isn’t dropping out after all


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    DNC difficulty in fund-raising

    DNC was apparently deeply in debt following the 2012 election and was bailed out by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

    Unfortunately, a proven ability to be a fund-raiser and to have – or maybe be chosen by – a fund-raising machine seems to be a key qualification to run for high office. What does it take to run a Presidential campaign these days? The figure I recall reading is 1.5 Billion dollars. It seems if you are already a TV celebrity you can get a billion dollars worth of free press coverage.

    Clinton is never going to run for office again, and I have my doubts whether Sanders will be young enough to run in 2020. So I don’t have much appetite for the Hillary-rigged-the-primaries-story, although I can’t help wondering, wasn’t it Donna Brazile who supposedly tipped off Hillary as to some debate questions?

    Whatever. It has nothing to do with Ralph Northam, who is my concern right now.

  • frank papcin

    hey warner– you sitting on the intelligence committee, why didn’t you see the Russians interference before it was explained to you?– & more important– WHY DIDN’T YOU DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT 4 YEARS AGO?–were you 1 of the democrats that paid for that phony report by the EX British spy demonizing our president Donald Trump, claiming ties to Russia that you haven’t been able to prove?– 6 million $ if the reports are right.