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Following “Summer of Hate” 2017, Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer Bows Out After One Term


See below for highlights from a “Tweetstorm” just posted by Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer, reflecting on what he calls the “once-in-a-lifetime experience of serving as mayor of Charlottesville” since January 2016, his accomplishments, but also the “Summer of Hate” and “the families and loved ones of those who died on August 12 — Heather Heyer, Jay Cullen, and Berke Bates.” Signer announces that “while I appreciate those who have said they would like for me to continue serving as Mayor, I came into office with a keen appreciation for the virtues of Charlottesville’s longstanding tradition of mayors serving a single term. I intend to maintain that tradition tonight.” As you can see from this list, many previous mayors of Charlottesville served for two years, while others (e.g., David Brown, Dave Norris, Satyendra Huja) served for four years, with one (Frank Buck) serving for a whopping eight years as mayor.

For Mike Signer, though, it was highly unlikely that he’d continue as mayor after apologizing for behavior which he called “inconsistent with the collaboration required by our system of government” and which he admitted “overstepped the bounds as my role as Mayor.” There also were several raucous city council meetings, such as this one, in which “members of the the community unfurled a large banner with the words ‘blood on your hands’ and shouted down the scheduled meeting.” Also, in late August, Signer’s role as mayor was “diminished” by the City Council, including promises to “meet with senior staff only with another Councilor present” and to “not make public pronouncements or announcements as Mayor without working with my Colleagues and the City Manager beforehand and ensuring their consent, and will always have another Council member present.”

Clearly, after all that, there was little if any doubt that Signer would be stepping down as mayor. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Signer and what had appeared, pre-“Summer of Hate,” to be a potentially promising future in politics…


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