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Local Group Uses Grassroots Effort to Fund Billboard Against Dave Brat


by Brandon Jarvis, cross posted from Richmond2Day

A newly-formed local super PAC called VA7thforProgress has emerged in recent months with a mission to advocate for new leadership in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.  The super PAC’s website states that they have a vision for progress in their district that Congressman Brat does not fit into as a Representative.“Concerned Citizens unite in their belief that all people are created equal and, as such, deserve equal access to high quality public education and affordable, safe, comprehensive health care.”

VA7thforProgress has recently purchased some real estate in Chesterfield, in the form of a billboard. Starting this week, a billboard pointing out the hypocrisy of Congressman Brat’s statements will be visible on Hull Street between Courthouse and Genito roads.

Graphic of the Billboard

A representative from the super PAC says that they started to raise the money for the billboard with a GoFundMe page, it eventually became the first activity funded by the super PAC.  The representative continued to explain more of their reasoning behind their disapproval of Brat, “We are hoping to educate voters about Dave Brat’s ties to people like Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and the Koch Brothers. We also want to illuminate how his far right views do not align with the vast majority of folks in VA 07.”

The billboard will be visible over the next month for traffic just West of Courthouse Road. The billboard is on the right side of the road, for traffic traveling into Midlothian.

“VA7thForProgress is putting up the billboard as a way to amplify Dave Brat’s ultra-right rhetoric and to educate Central VA.  Many people may have voted for him just because he had an R next to his name, but if they were aware of how connected he is to the Koch Brothers, and how he goes on national TV to disparage his colleagues, I don’t think voters would rally behind that.”  

If you are interested in donating to VA7thforProgress go here.



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