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VA GOP Central Committee Member Claims Long-Time Activist Resigned Due to “his cultural Marxist point of view”


Check out the following insanity by Virginia GOP State Central Committee member Fredy Burgos, in response to the resignation of VA conservative activist Kyle McDaniel (who wrote, “I can no longer stomach those who support nativism, or their apologists and enablers.”).  Among other things, Burgos says that McDaniel quit because “he was upset that people were not accepting his cultural Marxist point of view.” Burgos, by the way, is about as far right/extreme as you can get in this country (or any country), and it’s VERY telling that he remains a member in good standing of the VA GOP’s State Central Committee.

Whey They Hate And Why They Wish To Silence Opposition

They hate someone who believes in nation state.
They hate someone who isn’t ashamed to be a patriot.
They hate someone who is being tough on illegal immigration.
They hate someone who calls out radical Islam.
They hate someone who they feel is illeducated and who is too common to do the job.

The hate comes from University edoctrination of Marxism that is disguised through culture, it is called cultural Marxism which is liberalism of today. Since the direct selling of economic socialism has failed in the United States, Marxist professors have introduced cultural Marxism. It is a weapon so sinister, evil, deadly, and effective that communist invading armies could never have accomplished so much success in advancing socialism in the United States. This cultural Marxist weapon has had all of us, at some point, capitulate to it, whether through the way we speak to each other or our thinking. This secular humanist cultural Marxist weapon is what we call today, political correctness. Polital correctness is a system of mental slavery. It is a system of good manners that has been misused as a form of oppression. It is leftist bullying that silences opposition to their bad policies. To make it seem impolite and immoral to mention the obvious. They believe by changing the culture, the identity of a nation, it will no longer be a nation but just another community of a one world order of thinking that has been growing in western Europe.

Marxists have tought many millennials that moral values are a social construct therefore there are no set core of values, no right or wrong, and it is why law and order is crumbling to situational ethics or lawlessness. It is why many accept the erosion of our nations values and traditions. It is why they believe, what once was known as degenerate behavior in society, we must accept it as normal or else we are bigots or haters of those people. Unlike before 1965, immigration of today allows people from third world nations that are illiterate in their own language, will always be a dependent to our welfare system, and bring cultures that run contrary or even dangerous to our own way of life. We are told that we must accept and capitulate our own way of life, change our nations culture for these people. If we don’t accept the change of our societies traditional Judeo-Christian culture, we are racists and hate those people. The reason why they believe we are wrong on immigration and are racist for it, is because since most people from the third world have a skin color that is darker than traditional European people that originally populated our nation, then we must hate those people because of the color of their skin. That is idiotic and ridiculous but it is what many millinials think when in fact they themselves are unconsciously being racist. This is insulting to normal Americans and is what I fight against.

Many millennials who have accepted this thinking, are not interested in conserving American values and traditions. It is why they are not conservatives. American conservatism is not just economic but very importantly, cultural. It is this cultual change in our country, through a foreign ideology, cultural Marxism, that makes it a danger to our way of life.

We have been electing and appointing young cultural Marxists into leadership positions into the Republican Party without truly vetting whether they have American conservative values or one that is foreign to this country. It is why the Republican Party has moved left under a perversion of American conservatism. We have gone left under a globalist one world order of ‘compassionate conservatism’.

Their secular humanist ideology that promotes socialism through cultural Marxism, is an ideology that thousands of Americans soldiers have died fighting against and it must be rejected and not be allowed in leadership positions within the Republican Party.

Former Republican official, Kyle McDaniel, quit the Republican Party because he was upset that people were not accepting his cultural Marxist point of view. He was so upset of my views which were are in contrary to his view of culture that he decided to not be a Republican which is revealing. I celebrate Kyle McDaniel’s resignation from the Republican Party because his views were not in line with the views of most Americans. It was not in line with an American conservative party, the Republican Party, and what it should be. His views was one that has helped the Republican Party lose elections locally because it helped to remove a differentiation between Republicans and Democrats on issues that matter most to ordinary people. His cultural Marxist views, also known as liberal, where not one that backs American workers, not one for America first, but one that lowers our standards for all, including new immigrants that liberals claim they are trying to help. I sincerely wish him the best for his future away from politics. What we all should be happy and thankful for is that Kyle McDaniel’s success in the future will not be in politics.

It is time to have more leaders in the Republican Party with vetted American conservative values. We need a new level on the scale of leadership with real working people with proven accomplishments in dealing with the public. True American conservatives will help us win again and make America great again.


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