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VA GOP Should Donate to Charity Every Penny Given to It By Sexual Predator Steve Wynn


Given what a scumbag Steve Wynn is, and given that Virginia Republicans called on Democrats to return money from Harvey Weinstein (“the Republican Party of Virginia called on McAuliffe to follow suit and return Weinstein’s ‘dirty money'”), I see no reason why Virginia Republicans shouldn’t donate to charity every bit of “dirty money” they received from sexual predator Steve Wynn. Oh wait, I forgot, in Republicans’ morally relativist (amoral?) and “our team is always right” universe, it’s only wrong when DEMOCRATS do it.

  • HaroldCh8

    The difference that Weinstein admitted it and Wynn denies it and has (as of yet) not been proven to have done it escapes your attention?

    • Right, the DOZENS of people recounting Wynn’s “pattern of sexual misconduct” are ALL lying. Read the Wall Street Journal story. https://www.wsj.com/articles/dozens-of-people-recount-pattern-of-sexual-misconduct-by-las-vegas-mogul-steve-wynn-1516985953

      • “Not long after the billionaire casino mogul Steve Wynn opened his flagship Wynn Las Vegas in 2005, a manicurist who worked there arrived at the on-site salon visibly distressed following an appointment in Mr. Wynn’s office.

        Sobbing, she told a colleague Mr. Wynn had forced her to have sex, and she repeated that to others later.

        After she gave Mr. Wynn a manicure, she said, he pressured her to take her clothes off and told her to lie on the massage table he kept in his office suite, according to people she gave the account to. The manicurist said she told Mr. Wynn she didn’t want to have sex and was married, but he persisted in his demands that she do so, and ultimately she did disrobe and they had sex, the people remember her saying.

        After being told of the allegations, the woman’s supervisor said she filed a detailed report to the casino’s human-resources department recounting the episode.

        Mr. Wynn later paid the manicurist a $7.5 million settlement, according to people familiar with the matter.”

        • “Beyond this incident, dozens of people The Wall Street Journal interviewed who have worked at Mr. Wynn’s casinos told of behavior that cumulatively would amount to a decades-long pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Wynn. Some described him pressuring employees to perform sex acts.”

      • HaroldCh8

        I will repeat myself. Has Wynn admitted culpability or has been demonstrably proven guilty of the allegations against him?

    • Quizzical

      There’s not that big a difference.
      The following article says that Weinstein made a general apology that did not admit to any specific wrongdoing and that simultaneously his attorney was threatening defamation suits.
      Nor has Harvey Weinstein been criminally convicted yet, it seems.

      • HaroldCh8

        Until Wynn admits guilt or is convicted/credibly proven to be guilty his money isn’t tainted. Accusations are a good start, but at this stage they’re just that; accusations.

  • More $$$ from sexual predator Steve Wynn to the VA GOP


  • dave schutz

    “..Asked if the Clinton-Kaine campaign will return contributions it received from movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, Sen. Tim Kaine repeatedly said the campaign is over. That’s true, but it doesn’t mean the campaign can’t refund donations..”
    My own view tends to be that both parties can reasonably keep money they already got, but neither should accept new money from somebody with the taint of a Weinstein or a Wynn.