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Rep. Barbara Comstock’s “radical anti-women’s group” attacks inspirational Parkland survivor as “irritating, entitled, and not well-informed young woman”


The other day, the Dump Comstock folks reported on “the radical anti-women’s group she belongs to… the Independent Women’s Forum,” which has among other things:

  • Minimized the problem of gender discrimination because it’s “not universal”
  • Worried that false #MeToo accusations “unfairly defame the accused”
  • According to one IWF article, it’s a real problem that people are always believing refugees and women of color when they report their rapes.
  • Written that “Sometimes, women lie about rape
  • Claimed that it’s women that are causing all of the violence: “… wives instigate violence, including severe violence, against husbands more often than husbands do against wives.”

On and on it goes. So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when the IWF writes crap like this (“The Florida Shooting Brought Out the Best in a Lot of People. But Not Everybody”), which opines:

…I don’t blame kids for being afraid–after all, they go to schools and schools are vulnerable. It is not surprising that they are concerned and kids deserve safe schools. On the other hand, Emily Gonzalez,  who delivered a speech at a Saturday rallycame across as a thoroughly irritating, entitled, and not well-informed young woman...Student Hogg seems unaware that a Democratic president with majorities in both Houses didn’t pass gun control laws. But why not politicize a tragedy? And the adults in the media are eating up statements like Hogg’s. And these adults, seeing the usefulness of this Children’s Crusade, aren’t bothering to suggest that the students learn anything about the issue before mouthing off in public.

So, yeah, the IWF – that crazed organization to which Rep. Barbara Comstock belongs – is busy these days actually ATTACKING Parkland shooting survivors (note: thanks to the Dump Comstock folks for catching this one and giving me a “heads up”).

Of course, these people aren’t exactly the brightest bulbs on the block/sharpest tools in the shed. To wit:

Also note that IWF tried to cover its tracks after Dump Comstock called them out:

Anyway, we all look forward to Rep. Comstock condemning IWF for its despicable behavior. And while we all hold our breaths for that to (never) happen, I’ll leave you with the inspiring, amazing speech by Parkland survivor Emma (not Emily, as the IWF idiots call her) Gonzalez, in which she “calls out President Trump and the NRA by name at an anti-gun rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.” Clearly, this country needs to hear a lot more from people like Emma Gonzalez and a lot less from the extremist loons – including Rep. Barbara Comstock – at IWF. This November, let’s make sure that Comstock has plenty of free time to spend with IWF or whatever else she feels like in her post-Congress career.


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