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Tom Perriello: My Hopes for a New “Virginia Way”


by Tom Perriello

What we all accomplished together last year was massive. The question now is whether we can scale and sustain it. If we fight hard and fight right, we can ensure that 2017 was not an anomaly but a new normal for the Virginia political landscape – one that is more inclusive, innovative and accountable to the people.

  1. Consolidate Gains with the Clean16: We elected the most diverse and talented class of Delegates in Virginia history. As we speak, they are fighting against powerful interests to translate the spirit of 2017 into policy. They are being pushed and pulled by powerful lobbyists to give up the commitment to reform that got them to Richmond in the first place. We need this inspiring class of badass leaders to know that we have their backs! That is why we have created the Clean16 Fund to re-elect the delegates taking strong progressive stances. Help by donating here.
  2. Support Emerging Leaders that Reflect all of Virginia: We won in 2017 by running candidates that looked like all of Virginia across race, religion, gender, and orientation as well as class background, profession, zip code, and lived experience. New Virginia Way will work to identify and support a diverse set of emerging leaders, and that has started by building a team of co-chairs who are each young leaders pushing the envelope on bold ideas and inclusion. Check them out here.
  3. Support Bold New Ideas: Democrats and progressives need bolder ideas to match the scale of challenges we face. From racial justice and healing to job creation in the era of automation and new monopolies, we want to support campaigns and candidates willing to talk bluntly about the realities we face and offer innovative policy solutions that address root causes. We will be rolling out a series of projects and campaigns, including efforts to challenge the crushing influence of monopolies on Virginia’s economy and environment and efforts to support truth and reconciliation efforts at the local and state level.

Perhaps no outlet has done more than Blue Virginia to talk about the need to reform the “Virginia Way,” and to demand greater transparency, inclusion and accountability in Richmond. A better way has been emerging organically from grassroots resistance to the bigotry, toxic masculinity and sheer incompetence of the Trump Administration, and from a growing sense that the economic insecurity of the Great Recession has never fully receded, as inequality, debt and automation accelerate.  As I have often said, we need to find the energy and creativity both to resist fiercely the hateful Trump agenda and also dig deep enough to offer a positive, transformative vision that offers liberty, opportunity and justice for all.

Please help us out here by supporting the Clean16 Fund, and send us your suggestions of how this project can evolve to be as helpful as possible to the amazing on-going efforts that brought us to victory in 2017. Let’s make sure that wave becomes a permanent turning of the tide.


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