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Words Are Cheap: Will Comstock hold Trump accountable when it matters?


From DPVA:

Words Are Cheap
In TV appearance, Comstock pretends to ask Trump to not shut Federal Government down again. But will she hold him accountable when it matters?

Richmond, VA  – DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker responded to the made-for-TV fake plea that Congresswoman Barbara Comstock made to President Trump not to shutdown the government after he said he “would love to see a shutdown.” Comstock’s crocodile tears ring incredibly hollow as she has proven to be one of Trump’s most trusted congressional allies, voting with him 97% of the time.

Comstock, who voted for Trump’s Tax Scam that economically crippled her constituents by eliminating the state and local tax deduction, has become legendary for pretending to care about what’s best for her district, but then voting with the extreme leaders of the Republican Party.  Incredibly worried about her re-election outlook, Comstock likes to feign moderation (i.e. her show in front of Trump today), but refuses to publicly sign-on to bi-partisan compromises like the McCain-Coons immigration deal that the President summarily rejected.

While she may play a reasonable elected official on TV,  in vote after vote she shows her true colors and supports the Trump/Breitbart radical immigrant-shaming agenda.

Comstock, a decades-long practitioner of the political dark arts, has mastered the age-old Washington trick of saying one thing for the cameras and then reverting to form and voting for extreme, prejudiced legislation.

Chairwoman Swecker demanded that Comstock to do more than put on an act for TV and to immediately announce she will oppose the President if he attempts to shut down the federal government again so he can build a wall no one needs or wants.

“If Barbara Comstock thinks she can hide her radical Super-Trump record by playing nice in front of TV cameras, she is once again severely underestimating the intelligence of her constituents,” Chairwoman Swecker said. “Comstock has consistently voted for Trump pet projects like The Wall over the economic needs of the people of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. She must come out immediately and vow to oppose any and all attempts by the President to shut down the government again. Virginians demand more than words, they want a guarantee from their representative that she puts their interests first – not Donald Trump’s.”


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