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Poor “Snowflake” Barbara Comstock “Triggered” Over Stories Tying Her to “Radical Anti-Women’s Group”; Get Her to a “Safe Space” Fast!


Dump Comstock and Blue Virginia have been reporting on Rep. Barbara Comstock’s ties to a “radical anti-women’s group,” and now both Sen. Jennifer Wexton and the Washington Post have gotten in on the fun. Well that apparently was too much for Comstock, who has clearly been “triggered” and needs a “safe space” or something. Seriously, check out her hyperventilating, over-the-top, filled-with-falsehoods (e.g., that John Foust is “misogynistic” and “sexist,” when of course he absolutely is neither of those things). Even more hilarious is that Comstock’s meltdown started with a story by DumpComstock, a local grassroots group that has raised like $16,000, compared to Comstock’s $1.1 million+ cash on hand. No wonder Comstock won’t hold a town hall meeting with her constituents, if she can’t even handle some 100% legitimate criticism from a local grassroots group, this blog, and her potential Democratic opponent this fall. Sad!

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