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VA-7 Democratic Chairs Announce Personal Endorsements of Abigail Spanberger


Interesting news from Abigail Spanberger’s campaign for Congress in VA-07, where Dave Brat currently misrepresents the district.

VA-7 Democratic Chairs Announce Personal Endorsements of Abigail Spanberger

GLEN ALLEN, VA Today, seven current and former Democratic committee chairs from across the 7th Congressional District of Virginia announced that they are personally endorsing Abigail Spanberger’s candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives. Coming from prominent Democratic voices throughout the District, these collective endorsements further solidify Spanberger’s status as the frontrunner of the current primary race.

Tony Burgess, Member, 7th District Democratic Committee and Nottoway County Democratic Committee Co-Chair*

“I have never encountered a candidate as passionate and sincere as Abigail Spanberger. She has a clear vision to help solve problems impacting the 7th, and she understands the ramifications of complicated issues. Abigail has clearly put in the hours toward preparing herself for the role. A natural leader, she appreciates making decisions based on facts and has made the concerted effort to meet face-to-face with our residents to understand their needs. Most of all, she believes in helping working class people and serving those who are struggling with employment needs, college debt, medical bills, and more. I support her because, as a member of Congress, she’ll work to make a different that benefits all of us.”

Elizabeth Hardin, Member, 7th District Democratic Committee and Former Chesterfield County Democratic Committee Chair*

“Abigail is undoubtedly the right person for Democrats to get behind in this election. She’s proven herself to be a candidate who is dedicated to earning her constituents’ support by actively listening to their concerns. And she has elevated the profile of this race to a level we’ve never seen before, and finally made this a competitive district for Democrats. I have no doubt she’ll work every bit as hard in Congress as she has as a candidate. I’m honored to give Abigail Spanberger my enthusiastic endorsement.”

Marques Jones, Henrico County Democratic Committee Chair*

“Abigail Spanberger is the right person, for the right role, at the right time. She is exactly what we need to defeat Dave Brat in November, and this is why I’m personally endorsing her. In order to address the concerns facing the hard-working families of the 7th, we need a representative who will rise above partisan politics, listen, and fight for the issues that matter most. Abigail will be that representative.”

William Quarles, Goochland Democratic Committee Co-Chair*

“What Abigail has achieved is astonishing, and is a direct result of her ability to listen and be a representative for all Virginians. She’s built an incredibly well-organized campaign from the ground up, and has engaged voters so well that I believe we can finally win back this seat. She has my full personal endorsement.”

Jenifer Strozier, Former Goochland Democratic Committee Co-Chair*

“I’ve gotten to know Abigail Spanberger over the past year, and each time we’ve met I’ve grown increasingly impressed by her intelligence, charisma, and sincere desire to help people. She’s a truly outstanding candidate, and she’ll make a superb representative in Congress. I can’t wait to vote for her!”

Tina Winkler, Goochland Democratic Committee Co-Chair*

“Abigail Spanberger is the clear choice to beat Dave Brat in November. She’s built an incredible grassroots campaign that reflects her growing support throughout the district, and she’s proven to be a remarkably intelligent, thoughtful and well-prepared candidate. I couldn’t be more excited to give her my personal endorsement.”

Cheryl Zando, Former Henrico County Democratic Committee Chair*

“Abigail Spanberger will lead with integrity, and is the best candidate to defeat Dave Brat in November. I am inspired by Abigail’s grassroots campaign which has drastically improved the chances of flipping Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. As the recent rating changes reflect, voters are eager for a leader who will act in the best interest of her constituents. The blue wave is coming, and I could not be more excited to personally support her campaign and vote for her in November!”

*Endorsing as an individual, not on behalf of the committee

Spanberger has announced her acceptance of their endorsements, and offered her thanks for their votes of confidence. “I am so grateful to the Democratic committee members who have voiced their support of our campaign,” Spanberger said. “We’ve worked tirelessly to get our message out to every corner of the District, and I know that having them alongside us will make the effort much more fruitful.”

The endorsements come on the heels of CNN upgrading the probability of a Democrat winning the seat, and an announcement by EMILY’s List that they will also be supporting Abigail Spanberger. As the June primary draws nearer, the Spanberger campaign says it looks forward to bringing more prominent voices to the fore. “It will take a wholly unified effort to unseat Dave Brat in November,” said campaign manager Dana Bye. “I think we’ve demonstrated that ours is a campaign that can bring Democrats, Independents and even some Republicans together from across the District.”

Abigail Spanberger is a former CIA officer running for Congress against Dave Brat in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. She believes in leadership that flows from our shared American values of integrity, responsibility, and decency, and she wants to work to move this country forward together. To learn more, please visit AbigailSpanberger.com.


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