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Video: Exclusive Footage of Howling Mob…er, Audience at Today’s Virginia Tea Party Debate Between Far-Right Extremists Corey Stewart and Nick Freitas [UPDATE: BAD BLOOD!]


UPDATE 6:30 pmThe Bull Elephant reports, “Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation held a debate today where Nick Freitas smoked Corey Stewart.  Evidence of that is in their straw poll that Freitas won 140 to 76.” The Washington Post reports, “Stewart accused Freitas of buying tickets for supporters so they could vote in the straw poll; Freitas’s campaign said the number of tickets the campaign bought was fewer than Freitas’s margin of victory.” Also note that Stewart and Freitas ripped each other in this debate, with Freitas calling it “adorable” that Stewart thinks the former Green Beret is not a fighter. Freitas also noted that Stewart had lost two statewide elections (sort of – Stewart lost the 2013 GOP convention’s LG nomination to EW Jackson, and Stewart lost by the 2017 GOP gubernatorial primary by a slim margin to Ed Gillespie) and that Stewart “has done so much to divide the Republican Party.” Stewart also attacked Freitas for not supporting “the wall” strongly enough; Freitas responded that he really really DOES support the wall (note: how could Freitas say no, when he’s pandering to a GOP that keeps going further and further off the xenophobic, far-right-wing deep end?).


I’ll have more later on the ugly, extreme, confrontational, belligerent, bizarre U.S. Senate debate earlier today between Republicans Corey Stewart and Nick Freitas, put on by the Virginia Tea Party. For now, see below for video of the debate, and also some exclusive video of the howling mob…er, audience at the forum. Nice, level-headed, tolerant bunch of folks, eh? DEPORT THE CRIMINAL ILLEGALS!!! GOVERNMENT IS EVIL!!! BUILD THE WALL!!! WE LOVE TRUMP!!! etc. etc. In sum: we need to make sure that Sen. Tim Kaine not only wins this November, but crushes whichever of these two extremists – and it IS likely to be one of these two – this November. Let’s do it!

  • old_redneck

    SWEETJESUS!!!! Who let the dogs out!!!


  • old_redneck

    Here’s the report of the “debate” from The Bull Elephant — note the results of the straw poll.

    — quote

    Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation held a debate today where Nick
    Freitas smoked Corey Stewart. Evidence of that is in their straw poll
    that Freitas won 140 to 76.

    Corey continues to brag that he was Trump before Trump, “He copied
    me”! Is Stewart not aware that Trump lost in Virginia by 5%? At one
    point Stewart said Freitas was not a fighter. After a brief chuckle,
    Freitas said, “that is adorable”. I guess Stewart has also forgotten
    that Freitas is a Green Beret who served two tours in Afganistan and has
    fought hard for us in the General Assembly.

    Watch the debate here, but skip the beginning where the moderator
    makes announcements that go on for far too long. Go to the 10:09 mark
    to for the beginning of the debate. Later watch how rude the Stewart
    supporters are.

    — end quote

  • Rosemary Storaska

    I would not put too much into that straw poll given that Freitas backers are largely University Libertarians and the small event was held, as you can see, in a smaller conference room, near where Libertarian Youth could walk if they wanted to do so? Being in the Military is NOT a requirement for candidacy as politics is a whole different kind of war over the bravery shown by these men in serving the US. Most of the Senate candidates are military for this race and many lack the skills necessary to get bills through Congress both in terms of political experience and/or general knowledge of economics, budgets and other facets of understanding. Freitas is the leader of the new Libertarian movement and said he was” proud of being backed by Rand Paul”-a military man believing “we should not spend money on all these foreign engagements”? That sounds more Democrat than conservative? Freitas is a non-viable candidate as it’s hard to place him as a full libertarian, moderate republican or democrat? He is an anti-Trump given past, deleted comments from social media but now favors Trump’s policies this Senate run. I deem Nick Freitas as no contest from the Democratic side of the coin. However, as an Independent voter, I believe Corey Stewart is another story and I would not judge him to be something Kaine can take down easily. He is very pro-Trump and Kaine is stuck to the mess Hillary Clinton is making on her “What Happened” tour that the Democrats cannot seem to end?