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Video: Indivisible Charlottesville Holds VA-05 Dems Candidate Forum


I just wanted to post this for now; will try to watch it later and take some notes. According to Charlottesville Newsplex, “After watching the outcome of recent elections, Ben Cullop, Roger Dean Huffstetler, Andrew Sneathern, and Leslie Cockburn said the seat traditionally held by Republicans is about to turn blue.” Also, the Daily Progress reports, “Though billed as a debate, the event functioned more like a moderated forum, with the candidates rarely debating each other’s stances directly or disagreeing significantly. Of the major topics discussed, the only issue that noticeably split the candidates was their views on affordable health care.” Also interesting that none of them disagreed with imposing a federal ban on assault weapons. By the way, just gotta say – because I heard it by one candidate in this debate, regarding the gun debate no less – but when I hear the phrase “both sides,” it really REALLY irks me. More to the point, it makes me not want to support that candidate.


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