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Video: VA-05 Dems Debate in Danville


See below for video from last night’s VA-05 Democratic debate in Danville. According to GoDanRiver:

“Gun control, health care, education, poverty and economic development were the main topics during a forum Wednesday night in Danville for the four Democrat challengers for U.S. Rep. Tom Garrett’s 5th District congressional seat. Hosted by the Danville Democrat Committee, Leslie Cockburn, Ben Collup, Roger Dean Huffstetler and Andrew Sneathern talked to more than 100 voters at Danville Community College.”

Questions included: 1) how can you/will you beat Rep. Tom Garrett (R)?; 2) how would you address poverty in the Danville area?; 3) do you support or oppose Trump’s proposed tariffs and what’s your position on NAFTA and other recent trade agreements? (not much/any support among these candidates for Trump’s tariffs and potential trade wars); 4) views on gun policy and renewing trust with law enforcement; 5) views on health care policy.  I didn’t hear any significant changes on issues by any of the candidates from their many previous forums/debates. Check it out for yourself and learn more about these candidates, any one of whom would be infinitely better than the godawfu Tom Garrett.


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