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Video: Virginia House “Sensitivity” and “Coffee” Awards 2018


Some (mostly) light-hearted fun in the Virginia House of Delegates today, as the GOP’s annual “Sensitivity Caucus” awards and the Democrats’ first-annual “Coffee” (named after the “Coffin Corner” – not sure I totally get that one) awards. A few of my favorites included the “Overdog Award” to Del. Terry Kilgore (R-Dominion), the “Attempted Humor Award” to Speaker Kirk Cox, the “Coarse Sandpaper Award” (for “rip-your-skin-off” abrasiveness) to Del. Nick Freitas, the “Comrade Award” to Del. Mark Keam and the “Pale Blue Dot Award” to Del. Lee Carter. Also, check out Del. Carter wearing Del. Keam’s Russian hat and holding up a cup with the Dominion logo on it. Yeah, you had to be there I think…LOL


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