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Barbara Comstock Reduced to Bumming Rides from Lobbyists And Fleeing from Constituents


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Comstock Reduced to Bumming Rides from LobbyistsBarbara Comstock’s reelection campaign appears to be in considerable trouble. Recent polling announced by the DCCC was consistent with independent polling done last month, which showed Democratic candidates having a 12-point advantage over her. There was also the recent embarrassing trip to Leesburg and the flood of protests and bad publicity in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting.

It was only fitting that on the last day of her two-week recess, a period traditionally used for town halls, Comstock attended a closed-door meeting with donors and lobbyists while simultaneously hiding from actual constituents.

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In typical Comstock fashion the meeting was a swampy mess of lobbyists, donors and special interests.

The lobbyist get together was held at Thermo Fisher, which as we’ve already reported, has donated generously to Comstock’s campaign.

Although Comstock tried valiantly to hide the meeting from her constituents (it was never publicly announced), a small number of constituents managed to find out about it and staged a small protest across the street.

Small group of protesters holding signs

Comstock responded by doing what she always does when constituents show up at inconvenient times – she called the cops.

Police cars in front of Thermo Fisher

The police couldn’t really do anything about it since the protesters were standing on public property. They did remove the “Dump Comstock” signs in front of Comstock’s parking space – presumably at her request.

Two police officers carrying Dump Comstock signs

In a final act of cowardice, Barbara Comstock then slipped off by riding home in someone else’s car, leaving her car abandoned for hours in an empty parking lot. The car was still parked all by itself several hours later.

Comstock car abandoned in parking lot

Think about that for a minute.

Rather than risk hearing a possible shouted question from one of seven constituents, who were demonstrating quietly across the street, Barbara Comstock humiliated herself by asking for a ride home and abandoned her car in an empty parking lot.

Imagine when Barbara explained to her poor staffers that they needed to drive way out to Middletown, VA to get her car over the weekend.

What a tremendous use of our taxpayer resources!



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