Home Local Politics POLL: Who Do You Support for Mayor of Alexandria? City Council?

POLL: Who Do You Support for Mayor of Alexandria? City Council?


On June 12, in addition to primaries for U.S. Senate (on the GOP side) and for U.S. House, there will also be primaries for important local offices. For instance, in Alexandria, there will be Democratic primaries – which in that overwhelmingly blue city, essentially decide the winner in November – for mayor and for all City Council seats. See below for polls on both, and note that you can vote for up to six candidates for City Council.

Also, for more information on the mayoral candidates, check out their websites at Justin Wilson for Mayor and Re-elect Mayor Allison Silberberg. For more information on the City Council candidates, click here. Note that there are a dozen candidates (eight challengers – Canek AguirreElizabeth Bennett-ParkerMatthew FeelyDak Hardwick, J. Chris HubbardAmy JacksonRobert Ray and Mo Seifeldein – and four incumbents – Willie BaileyJohn T. ChapmanRedella “Del” Pepper and Paul Smedberg) for six seats. With that…here are the (unscientific, of course) polls, which I’ll leave open until April 25. Please leave your thoughts about why you chose who you did in the comments section. Thanks!

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