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POLL: Who Do You Support in the VA-10 Democratic Primary? [FINAL RESULTS]


UPDATE 4/29: The final results, with 574 votes, are: Jennifer Wexton 55.8%, Lindsey Davis Stover 13.1%, Alison Friedman 11.7%, Julia Biggins 10.5%, Dan Helmer 6.3%, Paul Pelleter 2.8%. Note that these results are almost identical to the poll we did back in mid-March, with the main differences being that Shadi Ayyas didn’t make the ballot, and also that Friedman and Biggins gained a bit since then.

I last did one of these in mid-March, about three months out from the June 12 primary (the final results of that one were Jennifer Wexton 55%, Lindsey Davis Stover 13%, Alison Friedman 9%, Julia Biggins 9%, Dan Helmer 7%, Shadi Ayyas 5%, Paul Pelletier 3%). Now, after many more debates (e.g., see my detailed recap of the one this past Sunday) we’re only about 1 1/2 months out, so…here we go again with this unscientific poll for the Democratic primary. I’ll keep this open until April 29. Let’s see where we stand now!


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