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Video: Corey Stewart Mocks “Cryin’ Nick” Freitas, Defends Ridicule of His Last Name, Vows “Vicious” Campaign


The following riff by Corey Stewart has it all: 1) whining about “this ridicule of conservative speech” (quick, somebody call a waaaambulance!); 2) claiming that this has “infected” not just Democrats (of course!) and “the mainstream media” (ditto!), but also “a  lot of Republicans too” (e.g., Corey’s opponent for the 2018 Virginia GOP’s U.S. Senate nomination, Nick Freitas); 3) defense of the “funny” ridicule of Freitas’ name (e.g., “Freitas…… Sounds more like a item from Taco Bells dollar menu then a Senate candidate….#BBQFreitas” – from Stewart staffer William Totten) ; 4) a Trump-style nickname (“Cryin’ Nick”); 5) attacking “Cryin’ Nick” for claiming that the ridicule of his last name was “racist” – “he dropped the race card!” – and also claiming that “that’s what Democrats do” (psychological projection, anyone?); 6) the 7th-grade-juvenile-delinquent-style claim that if you can’t handle ridicule of your name “you are never going to be able to handle the ridicule, the embarrassment, the intimidation that the Democrats are going to be lashing out at us this November and you’re going to be eaten up and spit out”; 7) faux-tough-guy, macho b.s. about how that will NEVER happen to him because “I can do it too” and because “I’m going to run a vicious, ruthless, aggressive race against Tim Kaine” (what a guy!); 8) the “YEAH!” and applause from the (sparse, apparently very confused and incoherently angry) audience. That, my friends, is today’s Virginia GOP in a nutshell – whining, lunacy, race-baiting, blaming everybody else but themselves for their lunacy, viciousness, and absolutely ZERO ideas about how to move our state – let alone the country – forward. In stark contrast, Democrats have a mature, knowledgeable, compassionate, serious leader in Sen. Tim Kaine. This November, let’s make sure we send a resounding message that we utterly reject the Freitas/Stewart-style of politics by helping Kaine win an overwhelming, crushing victory over whichever of these two clowns the VA GOP nominates.

P.S. Note that however bad you think Stewart is, Freitas is no better (see here and here and here for evidence), and may even be worse in some ways because he’s smoother than Corey and because he couches his viciousness in obsessive repetition of the words “liberty” and “freedom” (which in Freitas’ case mean the opposite of what most of us understand those words to mean; definitely NOT, for instance, the freedom of women to control their own bodies).


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