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TMac: Lech Walesa (Nobel Prize Winner, but Also Rabid Homophobe and Islamophobe) an “Inspiration to Us All”


I think the best you can say about TMac here is that he is, as is so often the case, mostly clueless. Also, anyone who’s followed TMac over the years, as I have, knows that he will pose for a photo with literally anyone. Still, you’ve got to wonder whether TMac has any clue about some of the bigoted, nasty stuff Lech Walesa has said and done over the years. A few examples:

  • In September 2015, Walesa told the Jerusalem Post that when it comes to Muslim refugees, “If Europe opens its gates, soon millions will come through and while living among us will start exercising their own customs, including beheading.”
  • That same article refers to Walesa’s “strong and controversial opinions…[about the] gay community. Two-and-a-half years ago he caused public outcry when he argued in a TV interview that homosexuals ‘have to know that they are a minority and adjust to smaller things, and not rise to the greatest heights. A minority should not impose itself on the majority.’ He also added that he believed gay people had no right to sit on the front benches in parliament and, if there at all, should sit in the back ‘or even behind a wall.'”
  • But wait, it gets even worse; in 2000, Walesa said gay people “need medical treatment,” adding “Imagine if all people were like that. We wouldn’t have any descendants.” Charming, eh?
  • It’s also worth noting that in July 2012, Walesa endorsed Mitt Romney over Barack Obama. This followed “a series of tiffs with Obama,” including “Walesa skipp[ing] a meeting of national leaders with Obama organized by Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski during the president’s trip to Poland in May 2011.”
  • As Poland’s President, Walesa signed “a strict anti-abortion law today that punishes doctors who violate the rules with up to two years in prison.” The law reversed “Poland’s virtually free access to abortion.”

Now, of course, despite all his flaws – including the bigoted and noxious views listed above – Lech Walesa is no doubt a historic figure who did some great things (co-founder of the Solidarity trade-union movement,  a Nobel Peace Prize winner, President of Poland from 1990 to 1995). Still, you’d think that Terry McAuliffe, who clearly wants to run for U.S. President, might want to be a bit more circumspect about: a) who he poses for photos with; b) the praise he heaps upon them, presumably without knowing much/anything about their background. Just a suggestion, not that TMac will take it. 😉




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