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Saturday News: “Adult-in-the-Room John Kelly Is Also the Face of Hateful Ignorance”; Trump and the “Power of the Small Lie”; Virginia Medicaid Expansion Coming?


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, May 12. By the way, I’m intentionally using a Spanish-language story on Trump’s ignorant, xenophobic, disgraceful Chief of Staff, John Kelly.

  • Quizzical

    Rep Scott Taylor’s gambit to pay for raising the access roads to Norfolk base out of defense appropriations bill, due to rising sea levels, aka climate change.
    Unfortunately the article doesn’t address three questions: exactly which roads are to be included in this, how much higher are they going to be raised, and what is going to be the cost?

  • SEIU endorses Wexton for Congress


  • From the Wexton campaign:

    Press release from the Wexton campaign on SEIU and UFCW Endorse State Senator Jennifer Wexton for Congress

    LEESBURG, VA – Today, SEIU Virginia 512, SEIU 32BJ, SEIU Local 500, and UFCW 400 endorsed State Senator Jennifer Wexton in her campaign for Congress in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. These unions join an extensive list of more than 60 endorsements for Senator Wexton, including Governor Ralph Northam and Congressman Gerry Connolly.

    “Working families in the 10th district need a champion who will make sure we’ve all got a fair shot to get ahead. Jennifer Wexton has been fighting for our families in Richmond for years,” said Patti Nelson, a mental health nurse and 10th district resident who is also Loudoun County Chair for SEIU Virginia 512. “SEIU members know that when it comes to standing up for quality healthcare, jobs that allow you to raise a family with dignity, and making sure our community is an open and welcoming place for all, there’s no one better. I’m proud to announce our endorsement of Jennifer Wexton because I know she’ll go to work every day to fight for my family and yours.”

    “Senator Jennifer Wexton is the clear choice for working people in Virginia’s 10th District. She supports the fight for $15 and she has supported the rights of workers at Dulles Airport to form a union,” Said Merle Cuttitta, President, SEIU Local 500. “As a legislator, she has a progressive record of working to expand access to healthcare and have paid leave. In Congress, she will be a champion for Virginia families and SEIU Local 500 is thrilled to support her as she prepares to take the Virginia working families’ agenda to Washington.”

    “Commonsense Virginians are determined to replace anti-immigrant and anti-worker Barbara Comstock with a champion for working families,” said Jaime Contreras, a 32BJ SEIU Vice President. “As a State Senator, Jennifer Wexton has proven that prioritizing the needs of workers and their families over corporate lobbyists strengthens our communities and economy.” Wexton has supported 32BJ’s campaign to improve airport jobs and joined workers at a 2017 press conference announcing the passage of a first-of-a-kind Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority policy, ensuring contractors pay their employees a living wage.

    “We have a champion in Jennifer Wexton who has always been there with us. She is the voice we need in Congress. She has heart, she has soul, and she is someone who will always stand up and fight for us in Congress,” said Dyana Forester Director of Political and Community Affairs for UFCW Local 400.

    Said Wexton of the endorsements, “I am honored to have the support of SEIU and UFCW. These unions represent and fight for working families across Northern Virginia. I have worked with them in the Virginia General Assembly to advocate for important issues like a living wage, paid family leave, and quality healthcare, and I look forward to taking these fights to Congress.”