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Video: “No Protest Zone” at Virginia Governor’s Mansion? Seriously??? Also, Natural Resources Secretary Strickler Listens to Activists, Then Contradicts Everything He Heard


As my friend Cindy Cunningham writes on Facebook, introducing the following video: “Apparently there is a ‘no protest zone’ in front of the Governor’s mansion. The mansion that, I believe, belongs to the people of Virginia, although I could be wrong.”

I also found the activist’s report from their meeting with Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources Matt Strickler earlier this afternoon was fascinating. So basically Strickler’s a “good listener,” but then “at the end of the meeting he decided to comment, and his comments were direct opposition I think to his listening…he basically let us know that the state is doing all it can with regard to the pipelines, that they think the DEQ and state agencies are doing whatever they can to protect landowners, protect our water,” which of course is NOT what’s happening. At all.

By the way, with regard to Strickler, if you haven’t read the Roanoke Times op-ed by environmental hydrologist Jacob Hileman, you definitely should. Hileman, addressing Strickler, references the “pay-to-play mitigation scheme negotiated by Gov. McAuliffe, which you have put your reputation on the line to defend”; blasts Virginia environmental agencies for “hav[ing] all rolled belly up and granted exemptions from a staggering number of regulations, permitting MVP’s greed-fueled pipe dream to proceed unencumbered“; and tells him, “if you are not willing to do your job, Secretary Strickler, please step aside to make way for someone who will.” 

I couldn’t agree more. Do your job or step aside for someone who will. End of story.

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