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Audio: Gov. Northam Blatantly, Flagrantly, Demonstrably LIES – Not Once But Twice – on National Right-Wing Radio Show


Just days after this “hot mic” fiasco by Gov. Northam’s communications director Brian Coy on WTOP (in which Coy said about grassroots environmental activists, “Many of these people, they are not acting in good faith,” and also ordered the WTOP “reporters” how many questions they could ask about the fracked-gas pipelines), Coy’s boss is now at it…also on live radio. I mean, seriously, maybe these guys should just avoid going on live radio, TV, etc? But be that as it may, here’s what happened this morning.

1) I noticed that Gov. Northam would be appearing on the nationally syndicated John Fredericks Radio Show this morning, so I tweeted at John Fredericks, “Please ask if he agrees with his comms director (Brian Coy) that grassroots environmental activists are ‘not acting in good faith,’ as Coy was caught saying in a ‘hot mic’ moment on WTOP’s earlier this week.”

2) Fredericks, to his credit, immediately replied, “Sure!”

3) On the show, Fredericks then proceed to ask Northam, “I got a question here that I promised I would ask you that was tweeted out to me by your good friends at Blue Virginia. And they said, please ask Governor Northam if he agrees with his communications director (Brian Coy) that grassroots environmental activists are ‘not acting in good faith,’ as Coy was caught saying in a ‘hot mic’ moment on WTOP’s Ask the Governor earlier this week.”

4) Northam responds by lying through his teeth – demonstrably, verifiably, etc. – not once but twice! Check out the audio below, starting at 9:00, and listen for yourself. I’ll comment after the audio. First, Northam asks, faux naively, “I’m sorry John, what is this, you said Blue Virginia, is this a blog you’re talking about?” Fredericks then repeats the question. Northam responds, “you know John, I don’t have time to read the blogs, I’m governing Virginia, we’ve got a lot of important things on the plate…I’m not even sure what that’s all about, but I can tell you that I am very involved in running the state…and I’ll continue to do what’s in the best interest of Virginians.”

5) OK, so those were two blatant, demonstrable, verifiable lies by Ralph Northam. First of all, Northam knows EXACTLY what Blue Virginia is. How do I know that? A few reasons (of many). First, Blue Virginia – and before that, its predecessor blog, Raising Kaine – has been covering Northam since he ran against Nick Rerras in 2007. Second, we actually INTERVIEWED Northam face-to-face in 2013 when he ran for Lt. Governor. Third, Northam’s campaign ADVERTISED on Blue Virginia in both his 2013 and 2017 campaigns. Fourth, I have personally run into Northam numerous times over the years at various events, and he definitely knows who I am (among other things, I almost always write my name and “Blue Virginia” on my name tag). Fifth, I met with and communicated with his top campaign folks numerous times in 2013 and 2017. So yeah, there’s literally ZERO  – nada, nil – chance that Northam doesn’t know what Blue Virginia is. Simply not plausible in the slightest bit.

5a) So that was Lie #1 totally debunked. As for Lie #2, there is absolutely ZERO chance that Northam didn’t know what the question about the “hot mic” moment on WTOP this Tuesday referred to, as he was sitting right there as the discussion took place. Also, I’d note that it’s ON VIDEO (see below) for god’s sake! I mean, I get why politicians sometimes might think they can get away with lying, but why do it when it is SO easily shown to be a lie? Just bizarre.

  • Henry Howell

    No more joking. This is war. My Governor, My Governor, how you’ve mastered the art of passive aggression. You misstepped this time and rose to the bait. There will be other occasions. You can’t avoid them now. You have declared war on at least 100,000 Virginians and another 500,000 nationwide. Now you’re in the game. Our poor Governor has gone cyborg. If the people “not acting in good faith” don’t, The Force of History will pull his plug.

  • Henry Howell

    Please ponder a long time that according to valid reports, our Governor sent his anti-terrorist agents for surveillance of the young tree sitters. PLEASE ponder this a LONG time.

  • Brendan

    Clever one Coy…. Been watching West Wing reruns? A little Lyman stunt give you a chuckle? It does come at the expense of having your boss, the Governor of Virginia, knowingly lie during an interview. But sure… +1 clever points.

    Either way, whether he was advised to or not, sad to see Governor Northam blatantly lie.

    As a side note: Last i checked the analytics & server data – Northam and his team visit BlueVirginia.us upwards of 200 times per month.

  • Henry Howell

    I thought Coy was a Real McCoy. My mistake.
    BC is a cool handle for after he resigns.
    A communications director named “Coy.”
    You can’t make it up.

  • RobertColgan

    His key mission is “jobs.”

    That’s not a Democrat or progressive answer —– pure Republican.
    Jobs at the expense of the environment.
    Jobs at the expense of social actions.
    Jobs at the expense of a peacetime economy.
    Jobs as the promotion of capitalism.

    Yep. He’s a Republican.
    Might as well call a pediatric neurologist for what he actually is.
    With all the data showing that alternate energy development (solar, wind, geothermal, wave) creates MANY MORE jobs than a dangerous gas pipeline………this guy is friggin’ stupid for a doctor.

  • dirich

    That’s what happens when Virginia Democrats allow themselves to be manipulated into voting for the “Virginia Way” candidate. He is really more Republican than Democrat. And, btw, he has lied to my face, too, about what he would do about damned fracked pipelines once he was elected. We should have elected Tom Perriello, but too many evidently are afraid of someone who is progressive and who wants to bring Virginia into the 21st. century. I have no doubt we would be fighting EQT and Dominion now instead of the state being in bed with them if Perriello were the governor. Our Blacksburg community is being destroyed by MVP. We haven’t seen the worst yet.

    • Southern Liberal

      The Republican party has moved so far to the right in recent years that moderate and/or liberal Republicans are leaving the party. I think that Northam had crossover appeal for them.

  • Ex-Republican, Now Democrat

    When my family and I voted in the 2017 election, our reasons were not rooted in any particular candidate, issue or a change in political philosophy, but in very deep dislike towards Trumpty Dumbty and the party that propelled him to the White House.

    • Pragmatic Progressive

      I think the major priority for many Dems was to ensure that a Dem, any Dem, won. It was just too important of an election to lose to Gillespie.

  • He said “some” aren’t acting in good faith – since we seem to be getting all pinch-faced and blue-nosed about “the truth”, dontcha know.

    • Just listened again, he definitely said “many.”