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Friday News: “America Declares War on Its Friends”; Trump Abuses Pardon Powers; Virginia Candidate Admits to Being Pedophile; Bill Stanley in VA-05 GOP Race


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, June 1. Virginia primaries in 11 days…make sure you vote!

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  • Who hasn’t endorsed Matt de Ferranti for Arlington County Board? LOL


    Three Arlington leaders on education join a growing list supporting Matt de Ferranti

    * * *

    ARLINGTON, VA – Ahead of the June 12th Democratic primary, three former elected officials – State Senator Mary Margaret Whipple, County Board Member Mary Hynes and Delegate Karen Darner – announced their support for Matt de Ferranti, a candidate seeking the Democratic nomination for the 2018 Arlington County Board seat.

    “Matt is a thoughtful leader, whose commitment to Arlington values comes through clearly.” Ms. Whipple said, “On education, housing, and the ideals that I worked for as a School and County Board Member and in the Legislature, I trust him to listen and lead our community as we face the challenges ahead over the next four years. I encourage all Arlingtonians to vote for him on June 12 in the Democratic Primary.”

    “From the first conversation I had with Matt, he was ready and willing to roll up his sleeves and get to work on some of the most difficult issues our community faces,” said former School and County Board Member Mary Hynes. “His support for education as the doorway to success means he will make sure Arlington County provides dependable funding focused on educating every student, while also working diligently to ensure that our schools are built efficiently and for reasonable cost. Matt’s experience on both the School Budget committee and JFAC make him the smart choice – he’ll hit the ground running and has skills that will strengthen and improve the partnership between the County Board and the School Board.”

    “Matt’s the right choice to expand opportunity for everyone in Arlington, including those I served as a Member of the House of Delegates for over 13 years,” said Former Delegate Darner. “We need a leader with the courage to stand for an Arlington where everyone is valued and included, and everyone has a chance to achieve their version of the American Dream. Matt is that leader and I am honored to be supporting him in the June 12th Democratic primary.”

    “I am thrilled to have the support of these three strong women leaders who each has served our County so well and helped build the community we love,” said Matt. “Each shares the commitment to funding that supports excellence in Arlington schools – one of my primary reasons for running this year. Each stands for the inclusivity that is at the heart of Arlington. And each inspires me with their leadership, judgment, and commitment to an Arlington that works for all of us.”

    State Senator Whipple, County Board Member Hynes and Delegate Darner add three respected educational leaders to the six currently elected leaders who have already announced their support for Matt ahead of the June 12th Primary: Clerk of the Court Paul Ferguson, Senator Adam Ebbin, Delegate Rip Sullivan, Delegate Alfonso Lopez, School Board Member Tannia Talento, and School Board Vice Chair Reid Goldstein.

  • Pragmatic Progressive

    According to this Slate article regarding Samantha Bee’s goof-up: “there’s no long history of white women using the C-word to dehumanize and enslave other white women.”


    In my experience, I’ve never heard white women I know, whether they be liberal or conservative, demeaning other white women like that.

    • Rational Lefty

      That’s because the women we know were taught that free speech is not absolute. It comes with consequences and you have to choose your words carefully.

    • Princess Leia

      Our culture has become rude and crude. I thought for sure that Trump would loose the election after the Billy Bush bus video, but, obviously, some people in our country consider disgust to be ok.

      • Pragmatic Progressive

        A lot of the rudeness and crudeness can be blamed on reality shows. They show humans at their worst behavior. I’ll be glad when society finally tires of them.

    • Rustbelt Democrat

      I sympathize with how you feel, ladies. I don’t like our current administration in the White House but I don’t like our side stooping to using the same vulgarness in order to criticize them.

      • Ex-Republican, Now Democrat

        I’m pretty sure that, if Ms. Bee told a vulgar joke about Chelsea Clinton, Ms. Bee’s defenders on social media would not like it.