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Gene Rossi on Confederate Corey Stewart, the Need for a Landslide Tim Kaine Reelection in November, and the “New Virginia” Eclipsing the “Old Virginia Way”


by Gene Rossi

Dear Senator Kaine:

I beg your indulgence for this admittedly long missive—and I thank you for your patience. I must share a truly sad and chilling story about your 2018 Senate opponent Corey Stewart, whom I encountered several times on my failed campaign run in 2017.

Oh how I vividly remember Friday, April 21, 2017: Hot, Hazy, and Humid in more ways than one. I was in deep Trump Country for sure, but I was determined to visit every part of Virginia as the longest-of-long-shots Democratic candidate for Lt Governor. My wife Diane and I were attending the famous “Shad Planking” in tiny Wakefield—where politicians of all stripes once flocked to share good cheer. However, the 500 attendees on this day were 95% Republican and white. And I was the only statewide elected official or candidate from my party. I truly felt alone, yet found deep solace in seeing uber Congressman Bobby Scott there, too. We both joked that we were at the Alamo.

Wonderfully, Diane and I were treated by everyone with grace, dignity, and respect for just showing up. The gracious organizers allowed all statewide candidates for Governor, LG, and AG to speak: myself and six Republicans. What I remember vividly before I spoke to a remarkably receptive crowd was seeing in the deep blue sky a small “Stewart for Governor” plane pulling a banner the size of a trailer truck. Mr. Stewart had paid this plane to pull the Confederate battle flag. As the plane and huge banner were flying above, I could sense and see that 99% of the suddenly silent crowd was quite embarrassed by this truly brazen and crass attempt to appeal to the prejudices of the remaining 1%.

In his race against you, I shudder to think what other painful antics Mr. Stewart will engage in. Stay strong! The party of Lincoln in Virginia is no more with the nomination of Mr. Stewart. As an American, I am troubled that this man is your opponent. But I am also heartened about our state’s future because your landslide reelection in November is going to show our country that we do not represent the old Virginia Way that is enamored with Lost Causes and painful symbols that divide us.

We are inclusive. We are tolerant. We are compassionate. There is a New Virginia.

Warm regards always,


  • Hey Virginia Dems, need any more motivation to work for a landslide Tim Kaine victory this November? Try this!


  • Video: Chris Cuomo demolishes Corey Stewart for the racist, Confederate, anti-Semite embracing extremist he actually is. Corey can’t handle it.


    • True Blue

      It’s going to be nigh to impossible for Corey to “erase [his] history.”

      • The thing is, it’s not even his “history,” as it continues to the present day, and he’s not even seriously trying to erase it. If anything, he’s doubling down. The question is, will the VA GOP embrace or reject white supremacy? This is a stark choice, really no middle ground on this one.

        • True Blue

          While we’re all looking forward to working for the Democratic coordinated campaign, I sense from the conservative blogs that many of them would like Corey to tamp it down. U.S. Senatorial GOP is not likely to pour money into Virginia, but he’ll have support of the Virginia GOP who are also tRumpists. I agree that there’s no middle ground and I hope Comstock and the other congressional candidates run with him. The commercials/fliers ought to be easy to create for Dems.

  • Harry

    Gene, good letter, but it’s actually much worse. Corey’s “new” infatuation with the confederacy, despite being from Minnesota (Suggest he read about the Minnesota 1st at Gettysburg) is just an idication of saying anything/doing anything to get a vote. Stewart’s new best friends are white suprmacists and neo-nazis (see facebook and other social media posts about the apparent love in with Stewart, the white suprmacists and neo-nazis in Charlotteville) and his endorsement of and campaigning for pedophile Roy Moore in Alabama. We really need to work hard starting today to ensure an overwhelming defeat of a person who thinks Virginia is a Commonwealth where the majority of voters are white supremacists, neo-nazis and pedophiles. Northern Virginia turnout will decide this election, we need to talk every day with voters to ensure all are aware of Stewart’s bizarre new best friends. GO TIM!

  • Esther Ferington

    Good letter.

  • Greg Thrasher


    Thank You!!!!!!


  • Greg Thrasher

    We must remove these Confederate monuments from the public domain ASAP



  • Grayson Jennings

    Sorry Gene….that banner plane was contracted and paid for by the Virginia Flaggers…I have the receipt.
    Stop spreading misinformation to confuse those already deeply confused.

    • AFF

      Oh, I feel so much better. Corey Stewart’s racist supporters thought it was a good idea to pay a pilot to fly around with a hateful divisive symbol?

      I hope you’re planning more of the same all summer long.

  • Anthony Shifflett

    I wonder how Corey thinks he can get to 50+1 with this crap.

  • Rebecca Jackson

    Trump enabled and encouraged racists, such as Corey, to run for office.

  • Alec

    If Stewart’s racism only appealed to 1% as idiot Gene Rossi states….how did he win the nomination to US Senate…in the “Party of Lincoln.” And how did he almost beat Gillespie in the Gubernatorial primary. I looked at the numbers….it’s more than 1% than support his racist views Gene Rossi.