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Comstock and Trump-Endorsed White Nationalist (enabler) Stewart: Will the crickets continue?


Barbara Comstock challenged Republican nominee Donald Trump over his braggadocio about his sexual assaults and ‘coveting (and trying to seduce) his neighbor’s wife’ in the Access Hollywood tape — calling on Trump to leave the race. Since Trump’s Russia-enabled capturing of the Electoral College and White House occupation, Comstock has been remarkably silent as to Trump — whether his sexism, his violation of the Constitution, his kakistocracy, his attacks on civil servants, his attacks on science, his damaging our closest alliances, his cozying up to vicious dictators, his … In fact, when looking at her voting record, Comstock is supportive of Trump over 97 percentage of the time and is a whopping 52 percent toward Trump away from 10th District voter preferences.  And, looking at her recent primary campaign, Comstock clearly seems embedded in the ‘Cult of Trump‘.

If Donald Trump was top of Comstock’s ticket in 2016, white-nationalist enabling and “unapologetic public racist” Corey Stewart is top of her ticket in 2018.  As far as can be found, Barbara Comstock’s voice is crickets when it comes to Donald Trump-endorsed Stewart.

Shawn Kenney, the former deputy Executive of Virginia’s Republican Party, sees Stewart’s nomination as a repudiation of essentially everything Kenney stands for and believes. Describing Stewart in Nazi terms, as a “Gauletier“, Kenney decries “the moral contagion of a once great party”.

Following Trump’s election, Comstock faced a moral challenge as to whether she would put Party and its (now Dear) Leader above country or put her Oath to the Constitution and the nation first. By all objective standards, she has failed that challenge.

With Stewart’s nomination, Comstock yet again faces a moral challenge: does she stand with the Gauletier or with Shawn Kenny?


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