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This Korean Summit Puts One in an Ambivalent Situation


Trump meeting with Kim.

On the one hand, a big success would be important, good news for American peace and security.

On the other hand, a big success would strengthen a President about whom we know so much that makes his losing power important and desirable for the good of America.

A situation of ambivalence, torn between two important goods.

One thing I fear: that we’ll get the worst of both sides. That he’ll come out with a success that looks like it will make us safer, but will eventually prove to do nothing to reduce the peril. And meanwhile, even while nothing has really been accomplished, he will be able to sell the apparent “deal” as a sign of his greatness– him declaring that he has succeeded where his predecessors failed.

But North Korea is not about to give up the nukes it has placed such a priority on getting, over decades. If the North Korean regime would not give up its nuclear ambitions before, why would they now when it already has the weapons it sought?

The reasons the North Korean regime wanted these nukes remain as strong as ever.

So as time passes, we meanwhile face a nuclear-armed North Korea– which the United States, including Trump, has declared we would not tolerate.

If something is accomplished that really helps resolve the problem, I will be surprised.


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