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Video: Pathological Liar Corey Stewart Vows to Never Lie; Then Lies Yet Again…and Again


If you’ve been following 2018 Virginia Republican U.S. Senate nominee Corey Stewart’s career at all, you know at least three main things about him: 1) he’s a demagogic “mini-me” version of Trump who plays on the “worst angels” of people’s nature; 2) he’s nasty, for instance attacking Tim Kaine’s family and vowing to run a “ruthless,” “vicious,” “brutal” campaign; 3) he has a thing for the Confederate, white supremacists, anti-Semites, and other haters; and 4) he’s constantly telling untruths, aka lies, both to the general public and to the media.

On that last point, check out the following video from last night, in which pathological liar Corey Stewart claims he has never lied and will never lie. He then proceeds to tell a few more lies (e.g., that he’s always been “fair and honest,” which of course he hasn’t been on so many fronts; that a New York Times reporter supposedly broke into the apartment of one of Stewart’s former staffers/campaign volunteers”; and that he’s supposedly promised to run a “very vigorous” campaign, when he actually promised to run a VICIOUS campaign…love how he changed to a different word starting with the letter “v”) just for good measure.

By the way, if you don’t believe me that Corey Stewart is a pathological liar, check out PolitiFact’s ratings of the guy, which literally show not a single “true,” “mostly true,” or even “half true” statement. With that, check out the video by pathological liar Corey Stewart.

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