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Senator Tim Kaine Raises $2.2 Million in Second Quarter

Kaine Raised More Than $1.1 Million in Five-Week Period to End Quarter, Has Raised More Than $18 Million This Cycle


Good news from Sen. Tim Kaine. Now, it’s up to all of us to make sure that Kaine doesn’t just win this November, but wins in a landslide – both to send a clarion message about what Virginia believes and does NOT believe; and also because the bigger the Kaine win, the better for all our “down-ballot” candidates (e.g., Jennifer Wexton, Abigail Spanberger, Elaine Luria, Leslie Cockburn).

Senator Tim Kaine Raises $2.2 Million in Second Quarter
Kaine Raised More Than $1.1 Million in Five-Week Period to End Quarter, Has Raised More Than $18 Million This Cycle

Senator Tim Kaine raised more than $2.2 million in the second quarter of 2018, bringing his total amount raised this cycle to more than $18.2 million. This period, 61 percent of Kaine’s donors were from the Commonwealth of Virginia, and he brought in more than $700,463 online through a total of 16,539 individual online contributions. In the first 72 hours after the Republican primary alone, Kaine raised more than $100,000 online from nearly 2,500 individual contributions. The average online contribution this quarter was $42.

The Kaine campaign has also made a $5 million expenditure for television ad reservations for the fall campaign. This is an efficient, upfront investment in the campaign’s aggressive plan to convey Kaine’s message of creating a Virginia that works for all — with good jobs, health care, and education available to every Virginian — statewide. The campaign has more than $6 million on hand.

Kaine has spent the spring building a strong foundation for success in the general election — he has invested in a statewide field effort in all 11 congressional districts, with more than 20 offices and 50 organizers in place across Virginia. He has also spent time in every corner of the Commonwealth building grassroots support for his campaign, including more than 25 stops over the Fourth of July holiday week alone.

Kaine is running a strong, well-funded coordinated campaign with Democratic congressional candidates, “building a high-tech and high-touch voter-mobilization program for himself and his running mates,” according to the Richmond Times Dispatch. Kaine has also personally campaigned with all 11 Democratic congressional candidates. This is a stark contrast with the Republicans — downballot GOP candidates, including prominent congressional incumbents, are refusing to campaign with Stewart, while the Virginia Republican Party has been thrust into turmoil by the resignation of its chairman just four months out from Election Day.

Total for Cycle – Kaine for Virginia
Raised: $18,252,254.44
Raised in Seven-Week Pre-Primary Reporting Period: $1,149,529.41
Raised in Five-Week Pre-Quarterly Reporting Period: $1,106,442.36
Total Raised in Q2: $2,255,971.77
Cash on Hand: $6,098,118.55


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