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New Poll Shows Elaine Luria Leading Taylor by Eight Points; Voters Lose Trust in Rep. Scott Taylor


Good news from the Elaine Luria for Congress (VA-02) campaign (see press release and polling memo, below). For background on Taylor’s #petitiongate scandal, see Mired in #Petitiongate Scandal, Desperate/Flailing Scott Taylor (R-VA02) Lashes Out with “Disgrace” of an Ad…on 9/11, No Less, BREAKING: Judge’s Opinion on VA-02 #Petitiongate Scandal Finds That Petitions Circulated by Rep. Scott Taylor (R) Staffers Were “rife with errors, inconsistencies, and forgeries”, VA-02 Voters Should Reject Scott Taylor’s Corrupt Campaign , “I felt like he was trying to intimidate”: NEW REPORT reveals Scott Taylor’s personal involvement in Forgery Scandal, Scott Taylor Petition Scandal: The Congressman Can’t Keep His Story Straight, etc, etc. Oh, and if you live in VA-02, make sure you vote for Elaine Luria on November 6!

New Poll Shows Elaine Luria Leading Taylor by Eight Points

Voters Lose Trust in Rep. Scott Taylor

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Today, Elaine Luria for Congress released internal polling showing Luria with an eight-point lead over Taylor: 51%-43%. The findings reflect Luria’s background as a Navy veteran and small business owner has resonated with voters while Taylor’s ongoing election fraud scandal has damaged him in the eye of constituents.

“While voters in the district have been bombarded by coverage of the election fraud scandal surrounding Congressman Scott Taylor, we have remained focused on sharing Elaine’s record of service to her country and community,” said Luria’s campaign manager Kathryn Sorenson.  “This is a swing district and we are going to fight for every vote between now and Election Day.”


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