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Obama’s Singing the Right Song: Other National Dems Should Sing Backup


A few weeks ago, I published a piece here calling for national Democratic leaders to come forward to maximize the Blue Wave by delivering a message of their choice to the nation.

Many Americans do not recognize the high stakes in this election for the future of the system our founders gave us. And therefore, they don’t recognize how vital to the well-being of America that control over the Congress is taken away from this Trump Party.

And a lot of Democratic candidates don’t want to make this crisis the heart of their campaign.

So how are the voters who need moving — to work, to vote, to switch sides — going to be reached and moved?

I proposed that the most prominent figures in the Democratic Party (those most able to get media attention) – and the most ambitious (possible future leaders) – should come forward to speak to the nation in whatever way they think can maximize the size of the Blue Wave on November 6.

Now someone — a Democratic leader who does possess the necessary stature to get attention — has come forward to deliver just such a message.

I mean, of course, former President Barack Obama.

I had in mind attention-getting messages from people like Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris… I saw it as a vehicle to both feed the Blue Wave and have our leaders audition to show us what they’ve got for leading the nation against this Trumpian force on the right.

But I think Obama’s an excellent messenger for calling on Americans to use this coming election to bring America back to sanity and decency. A more sane and decent America is something a lot of people can be led to choose. And whatever else Obama may or may not be, he was thoroughly decent and sane.

But the question does arise: Is it enough, now to leave this role for Obama to fill? Or should there be a chorus, such as I called for, to sing his back-up? Or even do some solos of their own?

I’d say that Obama is filling the slot nicely right now. But Obama’s voice will not stay this big indefinitely.

Obama has just debuted in this role. That makes it news. And it’s BIG news for a former President, just two years out of office, to come out from the political shadows like this, and actively campaign against his successor and the Party his successor commands.

Time will tell how long Obama’s contributions along this vein can fill all the messaging space that the “Maximal Blue Wave” message deserves.

But my guess is that — in a couple of weeks — Obama’s contribution will begin losing momentum. And at that point, the momentum can be regained if we start hearing attention-getting messages from other Democrats of national standing (and national ambitions).

A man like Obama – deeply respectful of the norms of our democracy — wouldn’t be out doing this if he didn’t think it was of the utmost importance.

Is there any reason to think that other prominent Democrats don’t have the same duty that Obama has recognized for himself– to raise their voices in order to deliver to the nation a message designed to magnify the Blue Wave?

We Democrats are fortunate to have a leader from our recent past with Obama’s moral stature, who can speak credibly to the nation about this political crisis with Trump and the Trump Party.

But we can also use this urgent need for a Big Blue Wave to help us find Democratic leadership for the future — leadership that can lead us out of this terrible Trumpian/Republican mess we will have to contend with even if the Blue Wave is all we hope for.



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