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Virginia-Citizens-Defense-League-100%-Rated Comstock Laughably Claims Concern Over Gun Safety


by Cindy

I was kind of stunned when I saw this letter to the editor in the Loudoun Times-Mirror by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, touting her alleged efforts to keep children safe in schools, in particular from gun violence. This is the same Barbara Comstock who’s one of the top ten recipients of NRA contributions. The same Barbara Comstock who has an A rating from the NRA, because she has “stood up to every attempt by anti-gun extremists to degrade and erode our Second Amendment rights.”

She opposes a semi-automatic weapon ban and universal background checks, despite most Americans and Virginians supporting both. She supports concealed carry reciprocity–a race to the bottom in permitting rules. In short, she’s done next to nothing to keep guns out of the hands of children or anyone else.

She’s even received a 100% scorecard from the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League. Like Comstock, they are so concerned with keeping children safe that they opposed and helped Virginia House Republicans kill a bill that would have kept guns out of the hands of FOUR YEAR OLD children. These folks are so extreme that their president, Philip Van Cleave was fooled into making an outrageous phony children’s gun training video by producer Sasha Baron Cohen. But in the case of the VCDL, nothing is too extreme, and it’s hard to tell reality apart from satire (as you can see from this video montage I made):


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