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Video Flashback and Secretary Moran’s Mindless Facebook Share: He Should Resign


by Dan Sullivan

The short answer to Lowell’s earlier question as to why Brian Moran was hired for Secretary of Public Safety may be surmised simply: Terry McAuliffe wanted to make amends with Brian’s brother, former Congressman Jim Moran (VA 8th) whose backing he wanted in his second gubernatorial run and onward.

As is apparent in the video, Moran was completely outside of his comfort zone addressing the overwhelmingly Republican crowd at the 2016 Shad Planking. His comments prior to these were about the McAuliffe administration’s accomplishments focusing on jobs and the economy. Maybe he was trying to find some common ground with the crowd but singling out a state patrolman on duty at the event was hardly a demonstration of sincere “thanks.” Pure pandering.

The 2009 Democratic primary race between McAuliffe, Moran, and state Senator Creigh Deeds (D-25th) degenerated into a mud-slinging contest between McAuliffe and Moran that alienated Democratic voters (as negative campaigns tend to suppress Democratic turnout in any case). The result was a dark horse victory for Deeds and quite possibly the reason the electorate chose the future felon Bob McDonnell as Governor that fall.

This “share” appears a thoughtless effort to pander to the Virginia State Police Association. Thoughtless is a kind characterization of Moran’s resume: APSCU (the for-profit “education” trade association Moran headed up), Charlottesville, and the current school safety campaign charade are indictments.

Self-serving is another. During that 2009 campaign Moran’s personal story included the real (but hardly unique) sacrifices he made for his parents and the burden he bore for his siblings. Somehow it seemed being elected Governor would be his reward; earning the retirement his career pattern had not provided by giving him the necessary “high three” for a substantial public service retirement.

The McAuliffe patronage appointment achieved that and salved the relationship with Jim Moran. There is no good reason for Brian Moran to continue in office and a lot of reasons he should not.

Very clearly: Brian Moran should resign his Secretariat.


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