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BREAKING: Even the Hard-Right “Republican Times-Disgrace” Can’t Stand Neo-Confederate Corey, Endorses Tim Kaine as “voice of reason” in “world gone nearly mad”

Of course, this being the Republican Times-Disgrace, they completely #FAIL on VA-01 and VA-07.


The Richmond Times-Dispatch, or as I call it the Republican Times-Disgrace, almost always endorses Republicans. As I wrote this past Sunday, this far-right editorial page endorsed  Jerry Kilgore (R) in 2005, Bob McDonnell (R)  in 2009, Enron Ed Gillespie (R) in 2017, Ronald Reagan (R), George HW Bush (R), Bob Dole (R), George W. Bush (R), John McCain (R), Mitt Romney (R)Gary Johnson (R/L) for president, and even George “Felix Macacawitz” Allen over Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate in 2012.

But now, even the far-right RTD editorial page can’t stand neo-Confederate Corey, and has endorsed Tim Kaine for reelection, writing:

“In a world gone nearly mad, Sen. Tim Kaine remains a voice of reason…He listens, a skill not mastered by all of his colleagues in the Senate…a natural-born legislator who seems to revel in the essential details of public policy creation…Kaine has served for nearly a quarter of a century as a Richmond city councilman and mayor, as lieutenant governor and governor, and since 2013 as a United States senator. We are happy to endorse his re-election. He has earned the trust of his constituents.”

So congratulations to the RTD, which says it’s ditching making endorsements after this election (good riddance!), for getting this one right (talk about a world gone nearly mad! LOL). Just as amazing, the RTD manages to get VA-04 right as well, endorsing Rep. Donald McEachin for reelection, although in fairness, that’s such a no-brainer (McEachin is going to crush his right-wingnut opponent in this deep-blue district, and for very good reason!) even the right wingnuts at the RTD can figure that one out.

But then, of course, this being the Republican Times-Disgrace, they return to their far-right ways, endorsing “Freedom Caucus” extremist and all-around buffoon Dave Brat (R) over the far, far superior Abigail Spanberger (D). Still, even the RTD manages to praise Spanberger (and should have endorsed her, of course – duh!):

“Democrat Abigail Spanberger has built an impressive record of service to her country in law enforcement and in the CIA. She speaks persuasively of her hopes for a more effective and bipartisan Congress. She appears to possess the skills necessary to advance that objective. Spanberger is a gifted candidate and would make an able congresswoman.”

As for VA-01, don’t even get me started on the RTD’s endorsement of this freakazoid. If you live in VA-01, please do yourself and everyone else a favor by voting for Vangie Williams (D) over Corey Stewart/EW Jackson-loving Rob Wittman (R),on November 6. Thanks.


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