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“Dave Brat is running one of the dumbest campaigns in modern American history” 


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

MORNING JOE — “Dave Brat is running one of the dumbest campaigns in modern American history.”    

Richmond, VA — This morning in yet another brutal analysis of Dave Brat and his campaign for re-election this November in Virginia’s 7th district, Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough, former GOP Congressman, and Steve Kornacki, political journalist and election expert, took Dave Brat and the GOP’s campaign of misinformationinsults, and downright lies to task.

WATCH & READ BELOW: Morning Joe Eviscerates Dave Brat

Joe Scarborough: “I think this is one of the most fascinating races because Dave Brat…is running one of the dumbest campaigns in modern American history. Where he thinks if he just keeps talking about Nancy Pelosi and saying Nancy Pelosi that he is somehow going to win – nothing else is required – and we’ve what seen 10, 11, 12, 15 mentions of Pelosi in debates. And his Democratic opponent has come back really strongly with some great ad campaigns, and I just think in some of these races, whether it’s western Iowa or whether it’s in Brat’s district in Virginia, voters are saying hey we’re not that stupid. We’re just not going to be fooled by stupid campaigning.”  

Willie Geist: – “Well he’s [Brat] also…brining in Steve Bannon apparently to campaign for him here. His closing argument is the Steve Bannon argument, the Trump argument – which is the anti-globalist, all the things we know Steve Bannon stands for. How does this play out on Tuesday?”

Steve Kornacki: – “Cleary a play for the base there, and it’s so interesting because that district that you’re talking about, the suburbs of Richmond, a big part of that district, you’re talking about suburbs that have been changing politically, and you’re talking about suburbs where Democrats are really investing in this idea, particularly of white women who traditionally maybe in some cases voted Republican in the past around there, being turned off by the Donald Trump version of the party. And if you’ve got Brat closing with Bannon, and don’t forget the other factor in Virginia is the U.S. Senate race at the top of the ticket there – you have Corey Stewart at the top of the ticket, who again Democrats think is going to offend those suburban voters. It’s an interesting choice to close on there just given the strength Democrats have been showing in the suburbs.”



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