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Leaked E-Mails: Dave Brat (#VA07) Grilled by His Own Staff!


Dave Brat got himself in a bit of a pickle recently over his narcissistic whining to a group of jailed drug addicts about the terrible difficulties of his own life.  To someone who’s said for years that he’d term limit himself (in gerrymandered districts, politicians say stuff like that — cuz, elections?  What’s that?), the juggernaut that is Abigail Spanberger’s brilliantly run campaign is causing serious angst.  The story went viral, but in case you missed it, I covered it HERE.

Dave Brat refusing to shake Marni Pilafian’s hand – though he shook her male colleague’s!

Brat’s ham-handedness (note the food motif) is legendary among Democrats here in central Virginia, from his referring to constituents outraged over his voting to repeal the ACA as “paid protestors,” to his infamous remark that these same women are “up in my grill,” to his refusal to shake hands with a female constituent — to give just the most noteworthy examples.

But little did we know — until now — that Brat’s own staff felt the same way!  E-mails leaked from Brat’s 2014 primary against Eric Cantor give a remarkable inside look at the struggles of Brat’s staff in dealing with him.  Now, Brat did after all win the primary, so perhaps he has the last laugh.  On the other hand, perhaps he would have won by much more had he listened to his advisors?  And perhaps he wouldn’t be in a tight race now in a gerrymandered district that’s been solidly red for years?

So, here’s your inside peek:


Further along in the same e-mail…


A response:


Hmmm…this one is quite striking!


In response to another e-mail quoting Brat as saying he didn’t mind “losing honorably” — something that has certainly changed over the years as he now spreads blatant lies about his opponent!


And, finally, in case there was any doubt about Steve Bannon’s role in Brat’s victory:


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