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BREAKING: Enviro Group “Wild Virginia” Files FOIAs on Northam Firing of Air Pollution Control Board Members, Meeting with Dominion CEO Tom Farrell


On Monday, we posted video of Dominion CEO Tom Farrell getting into a car after his meeting with Gov. Ralph Northam. The question is, what were they talking about? Or more to the point, given the power balance here, what were Farrell’s marching orders to Northam? Especially given that Northam just did Dominion’s bidding BIG TIME by dismissing two Virginia Air Pollution Control Board members who JUST SO HAPPENED – total coincidence! – to oppose Dominion’s gigantic compressor station (for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline) in the historically African-American community of Union Hill, just weeks in advance (12/10) of a crucial vote on said compressor station. Yep, as I said, total coincidence there (and if you believe that one…)!

Now, of course, the public SHOULD have a right to know what’s going on behind closed doors with Dominion’s CEO and the Governor of Virginia. But will we ever know? Maybe, maybe not, but see below for an attempt by environmental group “Wild Virginia” to get some answers, with two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests: 1) related to Northam’s 11/19 meeting with Farrell; and 2) related to Northam’s HIGHLY suspicious dismissal of two members of the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board and equally suspicious appointment of two new members most Virginia environmentalists had never heard of before. Hmmm.

We’ll see if Northam’s office complies with these important FOIA requests, tries to stall as long as possible, or completely ignores/stonewalls these requests. In the latter case, I hope that Wild Virginia pursues its FOIA requests to the fullest extent of the law, and also that the media pursue this story relentlessly. The public badly needs to know what’s going on here.


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