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Video: Dominion CEO Tom Farrell Gets Into Car After Meeting with Gov. Ralph Northam

In Stark Contrast, Virginia Environmentalists Continue to Get the Cold Shoulder


Check out the following comment and video from Virginia environmental activist extraordinaire Lee Williams: “Must be nice to just pick up the phone anytime you want a meeting with @governorVa @ralphNortham.” In the video, you can see Dominion CEO Tom Farrell – who earns around $15.5 million a year – get into a car, after leaving a meeting earlier today (around 12:45 pm) with Ralph Northam and Virginia DEQ Director David Paylor (yeah, THIS guy).

I’d add that Dominion CEO Tom Farrell basically has had open access to Virginia governors since…forever, while environmentalists, anti-pipeline activists, etc. have to BEG for a “seat at the table,” or even to get their emails/calls returned, or to get the governor to meet with them or to tour pipeline destruction/construction sites. Clearly, we can see where Gov. Northam’s priorities lie. What’s infuriating is that environmentalists have given millions of dollars to Northam ($2.9 million from the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, $1 million from NextGen Climate Action, $586k from Michael Bills, etc.) to get treated like crap. Meanwhile, Dominion donates around $200k and gets treated like royalty. Hmmmm….


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