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Pathological Liar Dave Brat Continues Campaign of Disproven Claims and False Attacks


From the Abigail Spanberger for Congress (VA-07) campaign. Just remember, if you vote for Dave Brat, you’re voting for a world-class pathological liar. And extremist. And all-around buffoon. Other than that…great pick! LOL

Rep. Brat Continues Campaign of Disproven Claims and False Attacks

HENRICO, VA — Yesterday, in yet another example of Congressman Brat’s win-at-any-cost campaign strategy, he released a TV ad, ironically titled “Facts,” in which his campaign makes false claims about Spanberger’s positions despite numerous articles, fact checks, and on-the-record statements disproving his claims. This ad follows a similarly false ad Brat released, which promised “the honest truth”, but was given four Pinocchios by the Washington Post. These ads follow other fact-checked examples of Congressman Brat lying about Spanberger’s positions and his own, in an effort to mislead voters:

In the most recent attack ad, Congressman Brat once again makes the ridiculous claims that Spanberger, a former federal agent and CIA officer, supports open borders, sanctuary cities, and has ties to gangs. Rep Brat also claims to be the “law and order candidate”, while it is Spanberger who has received the endorsement of the statewide Virginia Police Benevolent Association.

“The law enforcement community throughout Virginia’s 7th Congressional District has no better friend and advocate than Abigail Spanberger,” said Joseph Woloszyn, Virginia Police Benevolent Association Division President. “Abigail Spanberger’s knowledge and experience on issues that are important to law enforcement professionals make her a deserving recipient of our endorsement.”

“Congressman Brat seems incapable of not lying to Virginia voters. I have stated time and again, including as I stood next to him at our debate, that I oppose ‘open borders’ and do not support safe havens for criminals, and I know from firsthand experience what it is to enforce the laws of this country,” said Spanberger. “I served this country, I worked to keep drugs off the streets and to keep our nation safe from terrorist threats, first as a federal agent and then as a CIA officer. The Congressman’s continued lies about me are shameful, intentionally divisive, and dangerous.”

Abigail Spanberger is a former CIA undercover officer and federal law enforcement agent who built a career investigating crime to bring criminals to justice and gathering the vital intelligence necessary to keep our nation and borders safe from terrorism. These continued false attacks from the Brat campaign demonstrate that there is no bottom to how low they will go in their efforts to scare Virginia voters rather than focusing on substantive policy debates.

In this election, it is clear which candidate is running to help our communities and to solve problems facing our country. Abigail Spanberger will continue pressing ahead with her positive message of protecting our nation, protecting those with pre-existing conditions, securing Social Security and Medicare, and ensuring equal opportunity to pursue economic success for all members of the seventh district.

Abigail Spanberger is a proud Democrat and former CIA officer and the Democratic nominee running for Congress against Dave Brat in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. She believes in leadership that flows from our shared American values of integrity, responsibility, and decency, and she wants to work to move this country forward together. To learn more, please visit AbigailSpanberger.com.



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