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Alicia Plerhoples for Fairfax County School (FCPS) Board, Dranesville District

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Alicia, Stair Cahoun (Network NoVA), Delegate Kathleen Murphy

The powers to be for Fairfax County’s Dranesville District were out in force today to speak with a united voice to endorse Alicia Plerhoples for School Board to succeed Janie Strauss for the Dranesville seat on the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Board.

And, when you start to learn about and get to know Alicia, you quickly understand why people support her — from her life story (leveraging her public school education to achieve excellence at through Princeton, Yale, and Harvard with work study; Professor at Georgetown Law; daughter of a public school educator and a school board member) to her passion for helping others to her intelligence to her fundamental ethical decency.https://www.aliciaforschoolboard.com/

In her comments, Alicia

  • Emphasized that she is “running …  to make sure our children have the best education possible …
    • “Every child should be supported by their schools to reach their full potential.”
  • Linked her desire to be on the School Board to her life history.
    • “My parents made me the advocate that I am … I advocate for my children. I promise that I will advocate for your children.”
    • “As the Daughter of a public school teacher – I understand the struggles that school teachers can face … ‘our family, when I was young, face food and financial insecurity. No public school teacher should face this.’
  • Discussed how “acceleration” can be confused with “enrichment”, that “no matter their level or program) all of our students should be receiving enrichment opportunities.

Other spoke as well.

“Public education is the cornerstone of our democracy, our economy, and in Fairfax County we train all of our children well.  Dranesville is interesting. We are global. We have children of CEOs, of CIA, military, people who came to work in the information technology industry, .. restaurant workers … embassy personnel, … families who are refugees from violence around the world… Every child counts … the child whose family don’t enough money for food and the child of that CEO. …  “Unusual opportunity in Fairfax County to educate the world.” “I wholeheartedly and fully endorse Alicia for the Fairfax County School Board.” Janie Strauss, FCPS School Board, Dranesville District

“We need people who share our values and are smart enough, tough enough to make the system work. And, I know that Alicia can do that.” Barbara Favola, Virginia State Senator

Can’t wait to campaign with her … we’ll cover every square inch, we’ll get every vote out there. John Foust, Fairfax County Supervisor, Dranesville District

Elected officials at this campaign kick-off event included:

  • Senator Barbara Favola
  • Delegates Mark Keam, Kathleen Murphy Marcus Simon, and Rip Sullivan
  • Supervisors John Foust and Jeff McKay
  • School Board members Karen Keys-Gamarra, Ryan McElveen, Karen Corbett Sanders, and Janie Strauss


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