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PICK-UP OPPORTUNITY IN VA-24! All Hands on Deck for Christian Worth’s Special Election December 18!


Christian Worth is the Democrat running to flip VA-24 in a special election on December 18 – THIS TUESDAY!

If she wins, there’ll be a 50-50 tie in the Virginia House of Delegates and we’ll be one step closer to a majority!

A split House of Delegates will almost surely guarantee ratification of the ERA in Virginia and the prioritization of the issues we Democrats most care about.

It would be fantastic.

And CHRISTIAN is fantastic!  Check out her website HERE.

Christian’s Rural Blueprint will warm the heart of everyone concerned about healthcare, education, clean energy, jobs, and Broadband access.

Jimmy Ayers loyally getting behind his party’s candidate…NOT!

Is this an uphill battle?  Yes.  But a special election close to Christmas will be won by whoever gets out their base.  Will the Republicans do that?  They seem to be in some disarray.  The runner-up in their 4-way firehouse primary, Jimmy Ayers, lost by one vote.  His followers seem interested in a write-in effort – and his mealy-mouthed Facebook posting hardly discourages it.  And many Republicans may feel they’ve got the election sewn up and don’t need to interrupt their Christmas shopping to go vote.

SO!  Let’s have US be the strong, unified, and ACTIVE party and help Democrats in VA-24 get out the vote!  Evan Ryser (evan@worthfordelegate.com) can arrange phone banking from home for you.  Or you can sign up HERE for phone banking and canvassing.

No time to spare, but perhaps a few dollars to contribute to the cause?  Go HERE

Thank you!  Let’s keep that Blue Wave rolling in!

Christian Worth and her family.



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