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Delegate Margaret Ransone Refuses to Meet with Democratic Challenger Francis Edwards; Calls Capitol Police and Sneaks Away


Crazy behavior from a crazy delegate, Margaret Ransone…story courtesy of a supporter of Ransone’s Democratic challenger, Francis Edwards.

Delegate Margaret Ransone Refuses to Meet with Francis Edwards; Calls Capitol Police and Sneaks Away

Delegate Margaret Ransone (R-99th), refused to meet with several constituents on the first day of the Virginia General Assembly Session, January 9.  As is customary, the first day of Session is known as “Lobby Day” and thousands of Virginians descend on the Capitol to lobby their representatives.  One such Virginian was Francis Edwards, a resident of Weems in Lancaster County, which is in the 99th district.

“We walked into Delegate Ransone’s office at 9:30 am to welcome her to session and make her aware of some of the issues we are concerned about,” said Edwards.  “That’s what democracy is all about, right?”

For the record, Edwards ran against Ransone in 2017 and has stated his intention to do so again in 2019.

“The receptionist asked us what company we were with,” said Edwards.  “We told her we were private citizens.  Again, she asked what company we were with.  Does Margaret Ransone only meet with corporate lobbyists?”

“It was clear that Del. Ransone was alone in her office but, after hearing our names, refused to meet with us,” continued Edwards.  “After being told she was busy and that we should talk to an aide, we politely declined and again asked to speak with Delegate Ransone.  After all, she represents us in the House of Delegates, not an aide.  Without warning, Capitol police arrived and told us we had to leave.  We never raised our voices, nor did we interrupt the flow of regular business in the office.  In fact, while we were talking to the Police, we saw Delegate Ransone quickly sneak out of her office.”

“The fact that Margaret Ransone refuses to meet face-to-face with constituents and will only meet with corporate lobbyists is proof that she has to go.  It shouldn’t matter that I ran against her in 2017 and will likely appear against her on the ballot this Fall, I’m still one of her constituents and I deserve to be heard.”

“Unlike Margaret Ransone, I will always listen to the people of the 99th District.  It doesn’t matter how different people’s views might be, I will always listen, and I will always be accountable to the people,” concluded Edwards.  “There’s nothing courageous about that position – it’s the right, decent and democratic thing to do.  Sadly, Margaret Ransone seemingly doesn’t share any of those values.”


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