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Video: Reps. Don Beyer, Abigail Spanberger Speak Out in Support of ERA Ratification [UPDATE: Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy]


The following video is from the Virginia Equal Rights Coalition, which writes: “The ERA is still alive in Virginia’s legislature. At this morning’s press conference, members of Congress, advocates, and actors discussed why it is time for the ERA.” I particularly liked the comments by my Congressman, Don Beyer, who said:

“There can be no reason for opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment other than fear – fear that our masculinity may somehow be challenged, fear that our male entitlement may be diminished, fear of an uncertain future where women may lead in every possible field of endeavor – imagine, some day a woman might even be Speaker of the U.S. House. I ask every secure, confident man to join me in supporting this important legislation, to recognize the most obvious, that women and mean are equal in the law and in real life.”


P.S. Also see the videos of Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) and Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy (D-HD2)


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