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Wednesday News: Congress Back with No end to Shutdown in Sight; Trump Tax Cut “Even Worse Than You’ve Heard”; Everyone Mocks Romney; Bashar Assad’s BFF (State Sen. Dick Black) in Virginia to Retire


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, January 2. Regarding Willard “Mitt” Romney’s op-ed, as former Clinton, Holder and Schumer aide Brian Fallon puts it, “Mitt Romney could stand up to Trump in deeds rather than just words by announcing support for the bill to reopen the government that the Senate approved unanimously last month and that McConnell now refuses to bring back up out of deference to Trump.” Regarding bats***-crazy Virginia State Senator Dick Black (far-right R)’s retirement, personally I was hoping that he’d stick around so we could kick his butt outta there. The question is whether Republicans can find a strong candidate for a district (SD13) that Tim Kaine won by 19 points over Corey Stewart in 2018, that Ralph Northam won by 11 points over Ed Gillespie in 2017, and that Hillary Clinton won by 6 points over Donald Trump in 2016.

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